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Henvcon, a leading manufacturer and supplier of power cable and wire accessories with more than seven years of business experience in power, telecommunications, railway, and other fields, has provided plenty of products such as Guy Grip, Suspension Clamp, Link Fittings, Helical Accessories, Railway Fittings, PVC Products, Other Fittings, and so on to various countries around the world, being known as a punctual, high efficient, product quality-guaranteed enterprises. More information

About Henvcon

Guangdong Henvcon Power Technology was established in 2012, the factory mainly produces preformed fittings for OPGW & ADSS cables. Competitive pricing and prompt services are the tenets we are following all the time.

Annual production capacity (Total OPGW and ADSS) can reach approximately 500,000 km.

Employs more than 80 people with a team of 15 engineers for technical supports.

Our branch offices locate in Shenzhen, Guangxi, Fujian and Jiangsu in China respectively.

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Guangdong Henvcon Power Technology Co.,Ltd.

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