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Optical Fiber Accessories

  • Stockbridge Vibration Damper
    1. For controlling aeolian vibration
    2. Dispel the impact energy on the cable caused by the breeze
    3. High tensile galvanized steel
    4. Reduce cable vibration horizontal
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  • Optical Fiber Joint Box
    1. Protecting the Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing head
    2. Environment temperature range from 40℃ to 70℃
    3. Leak tightness and corrosion resistance
    4. Ensure the transmission of optical fiber
    5. Suitable for OPGW and ADSS fiber optic cable
    6. Apply to Pole and Tower
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  • ADSS Spiral Vibration Damper
    1. Not cause any mechanical damage
    2. Weaken the Aeolian vibration on the cable
    3. Create damping effect
    4. Effectively reduce of the vibration
    5. Used for the heavy ice of the anti-vibration OPGW
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  • Immobility Clamp
    1. For connecting the tower/pole
    2. Provide suspension point for ADSS cable
    3. Immobility Clamp for tower uses metal clamp
    4. Immobility Clamp for Pole uses hoop
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  • Down Lead Clamp
    1. Design for lead down cables
    2. Fix the arch section on pole/tower
    3. Each tension tower is supplied with 2 sets
    4. Each tension pole is supplied with 1 set
    5. Used for OPGW and ADSS
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  • Cable Storage Assembly
    1. For connecting tower or pole
    2. Place on the running rod or tower
    3. For transmission and distribution
    4. Use with the connector box
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  • Optical Fiber Plastic Closure
    1. Reserve the redundant Optical Fiber power
    2. Reliable mechanical structure
    3. Withstand the wild environment
    4. Suitable for connecting overhead
    5. Ensure the curvature radius
    6. Normally used for ADSS Cable
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