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Properties of Power Line Fittings

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Understanding each of the features of transmission line hardware fittings is essential when purchasing them. This data will be used to assess how well that fitting works.

2 Characteristics

The 2 main characteristics of power line fittings that you should be aware of are broken down here.:

1. Mechanical Properties

The overall operation and interplay of a power line fitting with other pole line hardware components are determined by its mechanical properties.

The following are a few mechanical qualities you should be aware of:

Angle of turn

The majority of transmission line hardware is sensitive to various mechanical stresses, thus it's critical to understand the greatest and lowest angles at which they can rotate.

Exertion force

It all comes down to the highest pressure that an overhead transmission line conductor can bear before it cracks, snaps, or even sustains damage.

2. Material properties | anti-corrosive | anti-abrasive coatings

The transmission line accessory's strength or weakness is determined by its material properties. This makes sense given that they are composed of many kinds of elements.

The hardness of the material is one of its most important characteristics. It will ascertain the strength of the power line fitting.

Your power line fitting should be made of material that can withstand physical pressures.

A vital feature of material properties is its ability to withstand abrasion and corrosion.

Because overhead power line accessories are exposed to the weather, they will eventually corrode and wear down.

To ensure complete protection, anti-corrosive and anti-abrasive coatings should be applied to the fitting.

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