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Our company regularly participates in international exhibitions and actively showcases our products and services on the global stage. We have had the opportunity to participate in power industry exhibitions in many regions including South Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. These events provide us with a showcase that allows us to tailor cutting-edge power solutions to the specific needs of the region and demonstrate our expertise and capabilities to diverse audiences. By participating in these international exhibitions, we not only gain exposure to new markets but also stay connected with industry leaders and peers. These events allow us to gather insights, learn best practices, and identify potential collaborations and partnerships. We will continue to look for new exhibition opportunities in different regions to drive business growth and always be at the forefront of the power industry.
The Future Energy Show
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Henvcon is eager to explore the future in a way that benefits all parties concerned.

​​​​​​​  HOT Overhead Power Line Accessories

  Insulator Top Tie

  Stockbridge Vibration Damper

  Single Suspension Set for OPGW

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