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12 Fittings for Overhead Power Lines

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These power line hardware pieces are all made to fulfill a certain purpose.

12 Different Fittings

1. Alley Arm

It's a brace for the sidearm that's meant to support an uneven crossarm. The arm has one side that is slightly curved and one that is straight.

2. Ball clevis

It is also referred to as a clevis eye and is used to join the socket insulator by its ball.

3. Cross arm brace

The alley arm brace serves the same purpose; its structure is different.

4. Electrical Cross Arm

In pole line technology, composite equipment is used to support electric equipment like power lines.

5. Pole top bracket

Line post insulators are mounted onto the desired spots using this fitting.

6. Pole top pin

With the use of bolts, it holds the insulator atop the pole.

7. Socket clevis

It is used to finish the connection between the socket clamp and socket type insulator and is also referred to as sock tongue.

8. Stay Rod

This attachment serves as the guy wire's point of attachment. It guarantees that the wire is firmly supported by the ground.

9. Suspension clamp

The cable or conductor is suspended from the pole using the clamp.

10. Yoke plate

The electrical clevis and the insulators or socket tongue are connected by means of this hardware.

11. Guy Thimble

The function of the guy thimble is to secure the stay wire in place.

12. Guy Clamp

Cable and conductor pass through the clamp's grooves.

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