Henvcon considers technological innovation as its main competitiveness and holds a number of invention patents and licence that demonstrate our technical strength and achievements in the field of power technology. To ensure product quality, our products are regularly sent to third-party laboratories for testing. Our company has also set up its own laboratory.The quality control department randomly selects products from large shipments for testing, e.g. material tests and strength tests on the finished product.

100T Hydraulic Horizontal Testing Machine
1. Used for mechanical testing of wires, optical fibre cables, spacer bars and so on;
2. With the advantages of high precision and large test span, etc.
30T Hydraulic Horizontal Testing Machine
1.Used for mechanical testing of conductors, optical fibre cables, vibration-proof hammers and so on;
2.High precision,large test span, etc.
Vertical Tensile Machine
1. Used for mechanical testing of monofilaments, connectors and other products;
2. High precision, easy operation, etc.
Salt Spray Testing Machine
1. Used for metal parts, electric power fittings and other corrosion resistance test;
2. Flexible operation, automated settings, etc.

Spectrum Analyzer
1. Used for various metal parts, aluminium castings and other composition detection;
2. Can detect more than 20 kinds of components, the precision reaches 0.0001.
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