This production has advanced production facilities and equipment, and is committed to improving production efficiency and product quality.

Based on this, the company continues to expand production scale, meet customer needs, actively explore domestic and foreign markets, and make positive contributions to the development of the power industry.
12 KW Laser Cutting Machine (Metal Sheet)
Advantages of the equipment: stable quality and efficient production, daily output of up to 10T under the material, stable quality, the thickest 40MM plate cutting products.
Main production: plate cutting products.
All-Automatic Preformed Rods Forming Machine
Advantages of the equipment: a total of 6 production lines. The equipment has strong stability and quality can be guaranteed. The length of the open wire control in ± tolerance 1mm, the daily capacity reaches 20,000 sets of preformed tension rods, preformed suspension rods 10,000 sets, 6,000 sets of armour rods.
Main production: preformed tension rods, preformed suspension rods,armour rods.
Casting Equipment
Equipment advantages:
We have 2 sets of low-pressure casting equipment and 3 sets of gravity casting equipment mechanical performance guarantee, day and night shift 24H production daily output of up to 2,000-2,500 sets; mainly produces: aluminium alloy suspension fittings. We have a high-speed die-casting equipment, the characteristics of this equipment is semi-automatic, high efficiency, daily output of up to 6,000 sets.
Main production: spacer, UPB bracket,joint box fittings and so on.
Punch Equipment
Equipment advantages:
The punching machine mainly passes the plate through the mold, and can perform blanking, punching, forming, stretching, trimming, fine blanking, shaping, riveting and extrusion. It saves material and energy and is more efficient than traditional mechanical processing. The technical requirements are not high.
Main production: hardware stamping parts, accessories, etc.
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