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What Is The Composition of OPGW?

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A form of cable used in overhead power lines is called an OPGW (also known as an optical ground wire or, according to the IEEE standard, an optical fiber composite overhead ground wire).


This kind of cable combines communication and grounding functions.


An OPGW cable is made out of a tubular framework with layers of steel and aluminum wire encircling one or more optical fibers. Between the tops of high-voltage electrical pylons is where the OPGW cable is run. In addition to bonding nearby towers to the earth, the conductive portion of the cable protects the high-voltage conductors against lightning strikes.

3 Uses

The optical fibers in the cable have three possible uses: they can be leased or sold to third parties to act as a high-speed fiber interconnection between cities, or they can be used for the electrical utility's own voice and data communication, protection, and control of the transmission line.

Long Distance Transmission at High Speeds

Since the optical fiber is an insulator, it is impervious to crosstalk, external electrical noise, power transmission line induction, and lightning. High-speed, long-distance transmission is made possible by the low transmission loss single-mode optical fibers found in most OPGW lines.

OPGW shares an outside look with aluminum-conductor steel-reinforced cable (ACSR), which is typically used for shield wires.

Accessories for OPGW

1. Preformed Dead-end for OPGW

2. Single Suspension for OPGW

3. Double Suspension for OPGW

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