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What Is OPGW Suspension Set?

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Purpose of Suspension Set

- Hang and support OPGW on a straight pole or tower.

In the meanwhile, the optical ground wire is properly protected by the transmission of axial load and the diversion of axial pressure.

Our primary products are power transmission and distribution lines products, which can provide OPGW single and double suspension sets for different needs.

Single & Double Suspension Set for OPGW

Naturally, the tension at the suspension point will be distributed over the whole length of the helical armor rods by the helical Suspension Clamp Set for OPGW.

Single Suspension Set for OPGW

1. U shackle

2. Outer rods

3. Eye link

4. Housing

5. Insert

6. Ground wire set

7. Structural reinforcing rods

8. Parallel groove clamp

Double Suspension Set for OPGW

Double Suspension Set for OPGW

1. Outer rods

2. Eye link

3. Housing

4. U shackle

5. Insert

6. Structural reinforcing rods

7. Ground wire set

8. Parallel groove clamp

Different Styles of Connection with Towers

At the support point, the suspension set offers excellent protection for the cables and fibers. Furthermore, the connection can be a UB clevis, U shackle, U bolt, etc.

single suspension set

Connection styles of single suspension set

double suspension set

Connection styles of double suspension set

About OPGW

Click this link to find out more about OPGW

Contact the Manufacturer Directly

Please visit our website's product pages to learn more about OPGW and its suspension sets in buying. Alternatively, send thorough queries straight to (sales01@henvcon.com) via email.

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