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Know More About Overhead Line Fitting

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Securing Insulators and electrical conductors are held in place by overhead line fittings, which serve as a mechanical interface for electrical connections.


Fittings are consistently and frequently updated as accessories in linked standards, which may include components or accessories.

Aim of design

Fittings for various conductor types are directly attached to the conductors and are intended for the termination, suspension, or connecting of the conductors.

6 Categories

1.Dead-end clamps

2. Suspension

3. Branch-off clamps

4. Connectors

5. Bundle spacers

6. Vibration protection fittings

Containing several elements

They may come together to form an assembly with many components, such as clamps with the connecting linkage, depending on their functionality.

The tension components are connected to the connection points at supports by fittings intended for insulating sets and other attachments.

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