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Specifications for Suspension Clamp Design

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You should consider the clamp's functionality and appearance in addition to its varieties of suspension clamps.

Functionality and Appearance

The pole line accessory's design, mechanical specifications, and technical requirements establish these two factors.

A well-thought-out suspension clamp will guarantee seamless coordination between the cable and other parts.

Crucial Elements of Design

Among the crucial elements of design that you ought to concentrate on are:

- Anchor clamp

The anchor clamp that is adjacent to the conductor need to have unrestricted movement.

Only when the clamp's trunnion is a component of the body is this design possible.

- Straps

Make sure the suspension clamp's straps are sized appropriately to fit the trunnion before purchasing one.

- Conductor Supporting Groove

Make that a suspension clamp's conductor supporting groove is the appropriate size for the job.

And the keeper shouldn't have any sharp edges that could cause any abnormalities.

-Bolts and Nuts

When finishing connections, you should verify the bolt and nut design specifications to ensure they fit precisely into the suspension clamp.

Make sure a suspension clamp's bolt can poke through the threads.

The suspension clamp's view and functions are defined by its design, mechanical specifications, and technical requirements, which make it indispensable for transmission line construction.

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