Short Span Guy Grip For ADSS Cable
Henvcon short span guy grip for ADSS cable is designed to connect ADSS cables and poles/towers.

Henvcon Guy Grip Characteristics:
★ Guy Grip have single and stable structure, easy to install.
★ Specially designed for short span length ADSS cable with low price.
  • Guy Grip For ADSS Cable

    Henvcon ADSS guy grip, namely preformed guy grip or preformed dead end, is designed to connect ADSS cables and poles/towers.


    The material for Short Span ADSS Guy Grip is aluminum-clad steel or galvanized steel wire; it is mainly used for ADSS installation between strain tower/pole, corner tower/pole,mid-joint tower/pole and terminal tower/pole and terminal tower/pole which span length is less than 100M.


    Armor rods can provide protection and cushioning to the ADSS cables. The special design of Preformed rods makes ensure that Guy Grip can't cause undue stress to the ADSS cables, so as to ensure the normal lifetime of cables system.

    The Best Guy Grip Manufacturer in China

    With its competitive pricing and prompt services, Henvcon has satisfied many customers with its high-quality preformed dead end. Contact our guy grip experts today!


    1. How does the preformed guy grip work?

    The guy grip is placed by wrapping the guy grip's legs around the conductor, grounding wire, or cable by hand.

    The guy grip's two helical legs will wrap into an empty tube, and the prepared grip head will seal in a circle.

    The closed circle will be linked to the pole or tower by an anchor rod or insulators.

    When the guy grips dead end wrap on the conductor or stay wires, there will be a strong grip strength to prevent the guy grip from slipping between the conductors.


    2. What is the application of preformed guy grip?

    Guy grips are used to connect and grasp conductors, grounding wires, and optical fibers.

    Diagrammatic Drawing Of Installation For Short Span Guy Grip :

    preformed guy grip

  • Reference Span(m)TypeAvailable Dia. of Cable( mm)
    100ANJ 095099.5
    ANJ 10509.610.5
    ANJ 116010.611.6
    ANJ 128011.712.8
    ANJ 141012.914.1
    ANJ 156014.215.6
    ANJ 170015.717

    Reference Span(m)TypeAvailable Dia. of Cable( mm)
    200/300ANY 0940 0208.69.4
    200/300ANY 1010 0209.510.1
    200/300ANY 1070 02010.210.7
    200/300ANY 1140 02010.811.4
    200/300ANY 1220 02011.512.2
    200/300ANY 1290 02012.312.9
    200/300ANY 1370 0201313.7
    200/300ANY 1460 02013.814.6
    200/300ANY 1550 02014.715.5
    300/400ANY 0940 0308.69.4
    300/400ANY 1010 0309.510.1
    300/400ANY 1070 03010.210.7
    300/400ANY 1140 03010.811.4
    300/400ANY 1220 03011.512.2
    300/400ANY 1290 03012.312.9
    300/400ANY 1370 0301313.7
    300/400ANY 1460 03013.814.6
    300/400ANY 1550 03014.715.5
    400/500ANY 1220 04011.512.2
    400/500ANY 1290 04012.312.9
    400/500ANY 1370 0401313.7
    400/500ANY 1460 04013.814.6
    400/500ANY 1550 04014.715.5
    400/500ANY 1650 04015.616.5
    500/600/700ANY 1370 0501313.7
    500/600/700ANY 1460 05013.814.6
    500/600/700ANY 1550 05014.715.5
    500/600/700ANY 1650 05015.616.5
    600/700/800ANY 1370 0601313.7
    600/700/800ANY 1460 06013.814.6
    600/700/800ANY 1550 06014.715.5
    600/700/800ANY 1650 06015.616.5
    700/800/900ANY 1460 07013.814.6
    700/800/900ANY 1550 07014.715.5
    700/800/900ANY 1650 07015.616.5
    700/800/900ANY 1750 07016.617.5
    700/800/900ANY 1870 07017.618.7
    800/900/1000ANY 1550 08014.715.5
    800/900/1000ANY 1650 08015.616.5
    800/900/1000ANY 1750 08016.617.5
    800/900/1000ANY 1870 08017.618.7

  • Packaging: preformed guy grip according to the concrete product, Usually packed with cartons, wooden cases(as customer's requirements)

    Delivery: usually, it will take about two weeks for the order of 10000 sets for production

    Terms Of Payment : By T/T 

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