Electric and telecommunication technology have evolved over time, different tools and devices are invented over time. The two main components of telecommunication are cable/conductor and poles/towers. In order to mount cables firmly on the tower/pole, you need a special device known as Suspension Clamp. The article will discuss: what is suspension clamp and how does it work? So let’s get started. 

What is suspension clamp? 

So quick question, what is suspension clamp? Also known as clamp suspension is a clamping/fitting device. It is used to firmly attach cable/conductor along a portion of its longitudinal sides onto the tower/pole. It is one of the essential devices in electricity connections. Based on their application, applications and type of cable are further divided into different categories, namely Suspension clamp for ADSS cable, suspension clamp for ABC cable, and Suspension clamp for an overhead line. 

How does suspension clamp work? 

Now you know what is suspension clamp? Let’s see how does it work? The wire cable fittings are designed to keep in mind the stresses in the overhead cable, which should be kept as low as possible. The suspension clamp for overhead cables also includes a cable trough with a cable channel in which the overhead cable is placed. Then with the help of a metal pressure member and screws, the assembly is tightened. The assembly is firmly attached, thus restricting excessive sway and other oscillations in the cable. Suspension clamp hence successfully clamps the conductor in place for a longer lifetime. 

Applications and importance of suspension clamp

Suspension clamps, as already mentioned, are one of the essential elements of telecommunication and electric fittings. Now the question is, what is suspension clamp used for? Due to their robustness and effectiveness as a clamping device, they have a wide range of applications. Some of the common types and applications of wire cable fittings are as follow: 


1.Single or double suspension clamp

This type of suspension clamp is used to minimize the static and dynamic pressure of the cable/ conductor. The fulcrum of the suspension clamp disperses the stress to the preformed rod. The fulcrum also protects the cable from any damage. Moreover, the design of a Single/Double suspension clamp is made to provide better grip, thus preventing the conductor’s slip. 


2.Single suspension set for OPGW cable

Also known as helical suspension. The application is in hanging fiber cables on a straight pole or any tower. They are designed to divert axial pressure and transmit axial load, which keeps the cable from any potential damage.


3.Double suspension set for OPGW cable

Its application is in clamping OPGW cable to the pole. This type of suspension clamp reduces the static and dynamic stress of the cable at the support point. Moreover, they are also effective in reducing cable bending, thus protecting it from different loads. 

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4.Double suspension clamp

They are used to reduce the static stress at the support point of the ADSS cable. The clamp also protects against wind vibration and bending stress. 

There are many other types of suspension clamp, such as Midspan/Long span suspension clamp for ADSS cable, short span suspension clamp for ADSS cable, etc. 

So what is suspension clamp and its importance? As you already know, what is suspension clamp, right? But can you think of its importance? Well, after reading about its applications, you must have realized the importance of wire cable fittings in electric fittings, especially when you have to clamp the cable to a pole/tower. Suspension fitting is designed to create the strongest link and fitting between cable and wire. Therefore, an enhanced lifespan and efficient working of transmission lines are ensured. 

How to find the best Suspension Clamp Supplier?

You can’t imagine installing transmission lines without suspension clamps. So it would help if you had a suspension clamp. But you must be wondering, how to find the best suspension clamp supplier? Well, let me make that simple for you. You should gauge a company on many factors, such as quality of products, experience, innovation, R&D, manufacturing process, etc. Out of thousands of dealers in the market, Henvcon is the one that you are looking for. Henvcon manufactures and distributes the most innovative wire cable fittings and accessories. 

Henvcon Suspension Clamp 

The suspension clamp is designed to suit a wide range of applications; it can easily hang all types of cables and conductors. Our suspension fitting protects the cable and ensures a longer lifespan. Moreover, the installation of the suspension fitting by Henvcon is effortless and straightforward. With years of manufacturing and distribution experience, we believe that we produce the best quality of products. Contact us now and let us know about your requirements.

What is Suspension Clamp? How Does It Work?
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