Insulated top ties are the perfect alternative to supporting and securing conductors to a power line. If you do not want to go for an armor rod and clamp insulator for transmission lines, opting for an insulator top tie is the best option so far. A top tie can perform the same flawless job, and we are here to guide you all about them.



Applications of The Top Tie

The insulator top tie’s main function is to protect the conductor from electrical current leakage. They ensure the conductor wont be affected by any motion-causing forces that could cause it to move from its starting position.


The top tie also shields electrical conducting cables from unwelcomed vibrations that might cause instability. Additionally, they offer double support. These insulators are used where a transmission line crosses through a road, a highway, or a railway track. When the conductor is installed at turn angles and line angles, support is also required, and top ties perform the task flawlessly.


Installation of the Top Tie

üPlace the insulator top tie on the pin and hand tighten until the mastic material provides rotational resistance. If turning the insulator is not possible, loosen the nut on the pin, align the insulator, and tighten it again.


üKeep the top tie tight on the pin and in contact with the mastic in the insulator.


üTighten the torque bolts with the rings to secure the conductor in the top tie. Twist the rings until they break off flush with the bolts hexagonal head. This will apply the correct installation torque to the conductor.


Top 3 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Top Tie

One of the most frequently asked questions among new buyers is how to determine whether the insulator tie is the best choice for the required purpose. Well, there are a few things you should keep in mind before selecting the best top tie to purchase, such as:



1. Raw Materials

The raw material a top tie is made from ultimately defines the insulators ability to withstand the sudden load applied to it. To provide the necessary holding support to keep the conductor intact in the desired position, the top tie needs to have high mechanical strength.


That is why selecting a top tie with all-new, unrecycled material is best, as this will give it high impact strength.


2. Performance

Top ties should have good tensile strength and flexural strength to keep the conductor intact in its intended position.  UV resistance is also important as it allows the top insulators to withstand harsh weather without losing quality.


3. Size

Another factor to consider is the size of the top tie. A ties capacity to insulate a conductor depends on its size. In order to ensure maximum insulation and proper operation, the size must match the size of the conductor.


Best Top Tie Manufacturer in China

To keep the conductors in place and separate them from one another as well as from surrounding structures, you will need to get in touch with strong and resilient top tie manufacturers.


Given that Henvcon is one of the best top tie manufacturers in China, the company provides high-quality products to its clients. Our insulator top ties bring the benefits of simple installation, uniform design, double support, and, most of all, ultimate safety. Some other features of these robust ties top are:



lMade of All-New PVC Plastic

Henvcon uses PVC plastic line ties/top ties made from new, unrecycled material. This makes them ideal for use with covered conductors and insulators, which are mounted vertically on pole tops.


lMultiple Colors

Henvcon tie tops are available in a variety of colors, including black, white, and gray. This set of top ties has a modern appearance and blends in brilliantly with the conductor you have installed.


lHigh Performance

Henvcon top ties have the qualities of UV resistance, good tensile, impact, and flexural strength, giving them a high mechanical power to provide holding support needed to keep the conductor intact in its intended position, as well as the ability to withstand harsh weather without losing quality.


Henvcon Top Ties & Top Insulators:

Henvcon top ties are made of custom-blended, gray, high-density polyethylene that is track resistant. They are perfect for use with any kind of construction that uses covered conductors or bare wire. We can proudly say that our efforts have enhanced and supported the electrical infrastructure of regions all over the world.

The Ultimate Guide to the Top Tie
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