Are you searching for a guy grip that can keep the giant poles integrated with twisted electricity wires anchored through weather conditions? Do you want them to stand tall, whether theres heavy wind, a thunderstorm, or an earthquake? Well, thats what everyone looking for a guy grip dead end would want – guaranteed quality and premium functioning.


Since the function of a guy grip is quite complicated and holds major stakes, it’s vital to invest in the finest quality that can ensure long-term performance and prevent any form of danger or inconvenience.


Even though the concept of preformed guy grip was introduced back in the 1940s only, the market has expanded with hundreds of different brands selling a wide variety of guy grip dead ends. And keeping that in view – the confusion is obvious when you are out to find the best one.


We have put together the most important parameters you should check when looking for a guy grip dead end in this buyer’s guide to ease your confusion.




What to Consider When Buying a Guy Grip Dead End

Not all the guy grips youd come across are the same quality and features. They come along with a diverse range of specifications, and before you make the purchase, you must check through the following areas.


Ø The Guy Grip Dead End Material

The most commonly used materials also known to perform well include aluminum-clad steel wire, aluminum, and galvanized steel.


You must choose based on your needs, as each of these materials has its unique value and usage.


Ø The Guy Grip Design & Application

There are different designs of guy grip dead ends available in the market. The most commonly used guy grip, which is also known to be the best, is the preformed guy grip: it creates two holes upon bending, which could be used to pass through the conductors.


They also come with different dimensions, usually measured out of their length and diameter. You can choose among various dimensions based on where you want to use that guy grip dead end. For example, the purpose can be connecting and gripping the conductor, grounding wire, etc. Moreover, the dimensions of a guy grip could either be uniform or varying – depending on the design.


Ø The Guy Grip Dead End Performance

The performance of guy grip dead ends is mostly dependent on two factors. First, they include tensile strength and finishing. You must ensure that the guy grip you purchase has the finest finish. This can help it stand through all kinds of rust and corrosive elements.


Also, the gripping strength of a guy grip plays an important role. It usually depends on the materials tensile strength used to construct a guy grip. The higher the tensile strength, the more it will prevent damage to the poles under critical conditions.




Henvcon Guy Grip Dead Ends: Why They Could Be the Best Choice?

Now that you know all the parameters you must check before buying a guy grip dead end, you must want to land upon a brand that perfectly meets your criterion. Well, you are at the right place because Henvcon is a global seller of best quality guy grips in a wider variety.


We have all kinds of top-performing guy grip dead ends formulated using the finest material. So take a look at the great features we offer in our guy grip dead ends and get inspired!


Ø Stable Structure & Easy Installation  

Henvcon guy grip dead ends are super easy to install and come with an incredibly stable structure. The best part is – they dont even need any complicated equipment support. However, we always recommend getting them installed by a professional to avoid any mishap or inconvenience.


Ø Made With a Variety of Strong Materials

Henvcon guy grips are made with a variety of strong materials such as aluminum-clad steel wire, aluminum, and galvanized steel. They range from different designs and materials so that you can pick the ones that best serve your purpose.


Ø Different Products for Different Cables

We understand that one type of guy grip cannot be used with all kinds of cables. Each cable requires a different material and strength level, so we offer you a variety of guy grips, and each one is engineered to suit a different cable.




The Diverse Variety of Guy Grip Dead Ends Available at Henvcon

As mentioned, we have a wide yet diverse variety of guy grips available to suit your needs. The four great types of guy grips at Henvcon include Guy Grip for OPGW Cables, Short Span Guy Grip for ADSS Cables, and Mid-Span/Long-Span Guy Grip for ADSS.


These have been integrated with the necessary tensile strength to offer adequate stress distribution and provide premium hostage to the giant pole structures. The strength of each guy grip dead-end we sell is never less than 95% CUTS – helping them stand through the heaviest of loads and sustain corrosion and rust through all the difficult weather conditions.  


Want to know more about the amazing Henvcon guy grip dead ends? Visit the detailed product guide on our and pick the best one for you!  

The Best Guy Grip Buyer’s Guide
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