The telecom cable is the first available network equipment during a fiber optic overhead deployment or the extension of a copper line oftentimes. A cable suspension clamp will be used to perform the roll-out on telecom and utility poles in strict respect of engineering rules and ensure a durable implementation. 


What is Cable Suspension Clamp?


Cable Suspension Clamp is also called clamp suspension or suspension fitting. According to the application, Cable Suspension Clamp includes suspension clamp for ABC cable, suspension clamp for ADSS cable, suspension clamp for the overhead line. Cable Suspension Clamp is a general speaking of all kinds of clamp which hang the conductors or cables to the pole or tower. Cable Suspension Clamp can be divided into single suspension clamp and double suspension clamp. Cable suspension clamp can be well used in cable installation.


What are the basic requirements for a good cable suspension clamp?


1. Great grip strength

2. Small electric corona

3. Small magnetic losses

4. No damage to the cable

5. Extend the service life of the cable


An excellent Cable Suspension Clamp to recommend: Henvcon Cable Suspension Clamp 


The main purpose


Henvcon Cable Suspension Clamp is used to fix the conductor to the insulator string on the straight pole and tower or hang the lightning conductor to the straight pole and tower. The Set could replace the ship-type suspension clamp such as XGU and XGF, which are widely used in the present running line.


Raw material


Henvcon Cable Suspension Clamp is composed of the hyperbolic drum-type anti-vibration pad made of rubber; the aluminum alloy preformed rods outside the padthe high-intensity aluminum alloy shell, and the strap.



Incomparable advantages


Henvcon Cable Suspension Clamp uses the hyperbolic drum-type anti-vibration pad to cover the conductor's suspension. This suspension fitting bears the excellence of great grip strength, small electric corona, and magnetic losses. The wire cable fittings are especially suitable for the lines of 220V or over it, and the line projects of heavy icing area and big span.

The fulcrum of Henvcon Cable Suspension Clamp dispersed the stress to the preformed rods, minimizing the conductor's static stress and dynamic stress. This suspension fitting avoids the damage of the conductor well. Besides, preformed rods' unique design provides credible grip strength, enduring the unbalanced load to avoid the conductor's slip.


Moreover, Henvcon Cable Suspension Clamp disperses the stress on the suspension fulcrum and enhances the conductor's fatigue resistance, therefore prolonging the service life. This suspension fitting's special structure designs debase the loss of electromagnetism and eliminate corona's discharge, saving more energy than the traditional suspension sets.



Finally, the wire cable fittings' design enhances the rigidity of the conductor's fulcrum and augments the curvature radius. This suspension fitting's single fulcrum can turn an angel with 300, and the double suspension fulcrum can turn an angel with 600, which greatly improves the flexibility of wire cable fittings installation.

Henvcon is a professional and experienced manufacturer specializing in producing preformed fittings for OPGW&ADSS Cable with 7 years of experience. The company covers 25,000 square meters, with an annual output of preformed fittings (OPGW&ADSS) about 500,000 kilometers. We have world-class certificates such as ISO 9001:2015, GB/T 19001-2016, CNAS, and CEPRI certification, and have been trusted by many companies. We have more than 15 professional R&D engineers and timely technical support to ensure high quality and competitive prices. The competitive prices enable customers to have greater profit margins in the business. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products. Integrity is our consistent service philosophy, and we promise to give customers the best products and services.


How to Choose the Right Cable Suspension Clamp
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