A yoke plate is basically strung hardware meant to help couple the electrical clevis, insulators, or socket tongue. It is also known as a clevis plate in general since the term explains the function of the hardware really well. These yoke plates can be commonly seen in transmission lines. They are installed in the transmission lines to help both the insulators and the conductor termination to be attached on the two sides of the cross arm. The yoke plates come in three shapes: triangular, rectangular, and irregular.


If you are planning to buy a yoke plate for transmission lines and are confused about how to find the best among a crowd of sellers – we have got you covered with the list of features you must consider when buying a yoke plate




Three Features to Consider When Buying a Yoke Plate 

Take a look at these features when buying a yoke plate and make a well-informed and doubt-free decision! 


1. The Material

Yoke plates are made of numerous materials, including ductile iron, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, and even forged steel. However, if you are buying a yoke plate for transmission lines and construction purposes, ensure that it has been manufactured with hot-dip galvanized steel. The material is relatively thick compared to others and can offer maximum strength to the yoke plates.


The increased tensile strength of the material used in your yoke plate can prevent it from breaking down during any structural damage. 


2. Performances

On the other hand, another key factor to consider when purchasing a yoke plate is its performance. The best yoke plate is one that can assure long-term resistance against all kinds of rust and corrosion. The best-performing yoke plates ensure not only long-term protection from corrosion and rusting but also offer easy installation processes.  


3. Design and Specific Application

Though yoke plates come in different shapes and sizes, the most commonly used among them is the triangular yoke plate. A triangle yoke plate is said to be a universal shape that can fit into multiple applications. However, the other shapes, such as rectangular and irregular, are also of great use in terms of their application. 


Thus, you must consider the shape of the yoke plate when purchasing based on the area of your application. Yoke plates also tend to have a few holes and grooves to make the connections, so you must ensure they are perfectly aligned with your needs and requirements before making the purchase.


Buy Best Yoke Plates with Henvcon 

Now that youve already known what factors to consider when buying a yoke plate, you must be wondering where to find the perfectly fitting yoke plate for your requirements. Your search is over because Henvcon brings you the most incredible range of yoke plates – all engineered and designed to serve your needs. 


Take a look at what features make our power yoke plates the best choice! 


ü Made with Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel

Henvcon yoke plates are made with hot-dip galvanized steel which is the finest material with maximum strength to offer. 


ü Easy Installation and Long-Term Resistance from Corrosion

Henvcon yoke plates ensure long-term protection from rust and corrosion since they are rightly coated and come with an easy installation process. The yoke plates ensure durability and excellent performance.


ü Triangular Yoke Plates with Multiple Options

The yoke plates offered by Henvcon are triangular in shape with multiple options in the numbers and sizes of holes and grooves, so you can opt for the ones that suit your requirement the most. 


Henvcon Offers a Wide Range of Products 

Henvcon is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wire accessories and power cables with an extensive 7-year experience in the industry. From the best quality guy grips, railway fittings, and link fittings to the suspension clamps, PVC products, and a lot more – the company is known to provide the best power cable solutions around the globe.


About Henvcon

Henvcon products are made with high-quality raw materials. They have been designed and engineered in perfect alignment with the needs and requirements of the industries we serve, such as construction, railway, telecommunications, etc. We make sure that buying our products will help you attain premium quality and perfection. 

How Does A Yoke Plate Help in Transmission Lines?
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