There are specific structures that are at a considerable height, not self-supporting, and they are subjected to different loadings like self-weight, wind load, and other loads. Some examples of such structures are ship masts, radio towers, electric poles, wind turbines, etc. In order to anchor them in place, special tools are used. One such tool is the Guy grip. Have you ever heard of guy grip? If not, then don’t worry. This article will discuss Guy Grip Dead End in detail, and its application and its advantages will be discussed. 

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What is a guy grip?

A guy wire is a tensioned cable, which is specifically designed to add stability and strength to any structure that requires support. The primary purpose of Dead End Grip is to secure dead ends in utility pole installation. Guy grip adds tension to the cable. A guy grip is also known as a preformed guy grip or guy grip dead end. 

Guy grip’s usage and characteristics

Over many decades, in installing electric poles/towers and transmission lines, guy grips have been extensively used. They are primarily used to fastened or to add tension to cables in the transmission lines. Guy grip is an accessory of guy wire, and the other accessories of guy wire include; guy clamp, dead-end grip, guy thimble, pole band, pole top make off, shackles, stay rods, and turnbuckles. Guy grip attached through guy wire anchors the pole or tower in place and helps it stand tall against the wind, self-load, or any other external load. So, the Guy Grip Dead End transfers the unbalanced lateral loads to the base.  


Guy grip is made up of high strength galvanized steel. But in most cases, the Dead End Grip is made up of the same material as the line. It is given a helical shape to make the connection strong. Guy grip is used extensively due to its robust design, high strength, versatility of applications, conduction properties, and ease of installation. Now the question is how to install a guy grip? Well, the process is pretty simple. Guy grip can be easily installed without the aid of sophisticated tools and manpower. The tool can be installed by hand. But the vital thing to remember, i.e., is to select the correct type of Guy Grip Dead End for your application. Even though the installation is quite simple and straightforward, but an experienced electrician should be consulted to avoid any accident due to electric shocks. Some steps in the installation of guy grip are as follow: 

Snap the head of the loop in the groove by passing one of the legs through the gap

Then wrap each leg of the guy grip around the guy wire to establish a connection. 

The connection should be secure; the helical design of the guy grip is specially designed for this purpose. 

Once you reach the mark on the guy grip, then separate each leg of the grip into individual cable strands and wrap them separately by one after another. This process will further strengthen the grip. 

After wrapping the wire around the guy grip, the end sleeve can be passed around the guy grip. 

The applications and importance of guy grip

Guy grip is used for many applications; they are primarily used in overhead line assembly. Nevertheless, they are used for other purposes, such as optical fiber applications, masts, grounding wires, etc. It is suitable for both ADSS cable and OPGW cable. Dead End Grip has become a key component of electric pole assemblies. They provide the much-needed tension to the cables, helping them anchor, thus successfully withstanding intense loads such as wind load and self-imposing loads.  


Best guy grip supplier

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5 Things You Need to Know about Guy grip
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