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JBCD Series Puncture Clamp

1. Polyamide for Case
2. Insulated Overhead Lines
3. Transmission Line Hardware,Insulation Fittings
4. Piercing structure to ensure piercing pressure
5. Easy to install

1kV/10kV Type JBCD Series Puncture Clamp

JBCD series of puncture grounding wire clamps for overhead lines in the conductor of non-supporting connection and branching, and insulating cover support the use of protective insulation.


1. Suitable for aluminum and copper conductors.

2. Sealed structure, corrosion resistant, long service life.

3. Low resistance to contact, low temperature rise of the wire clips.

4. Wide range of applications.

Model Specification



Applicable wire size (mm)

Puncture grounding clamp


1kV JKLYJ35-120


1kV JKLYJ150-240


10kV JKLYJ25-95


10kV JKLYJ35-120


10kV JKLYJ50-185


10kV JKLYJ95-240


Insulation Puncture Clamp

JBCD Series Puncture Clamp

1kV/10kV Type JBCD Series Puncture Clamp


The puncture grounding clamp essentially consists of the following components: reinforced housing, puncture blades, seal, watertight silicone grease, high-strength screws, torque screws and cable connection caps. If cables need to be branched or connected, insert the terminals of the cable branch wires into the watertight terminal caps. Once you have determined the branch point of the main line, use a socket wrench to turn the torque screws on the cable clamp. In this process, the contact blade will pierce the cable insulation, when it comes into contact with the conductor, the washer ring is pressed around the place where the cable is pierced, the watertight silicone grease in the housing overflows, and when the torque reaches the set value, the nut-torque mechanism is released, and the main line is connected to the branch line to achieve the watertight and electrical effect.

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