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What Is Suspension Clamp?

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Suspension Clamp


The purpose of a suspension clamp is to provide mechanical and physical support for the conductors. This is crucial, particularly if you have installed telephone line and electricity transmission line wires.

Suspension clamps improve conductor stability by restricting movement, particularly in the event of a high wind, storm, or other unforeseen natural disaster.


1. OPGW Suspension Clamp

2. ADSS Suspension Clamp


Made of galvanized steel

Suspension clamps have adequate tensional strength to support the weight of conductors onto the perfect positions. The material is also resistant to corrosion and abrasion hence can serve its primary purpose for a long time.

Design Principles

The innovative ergonomic design of suspension clamps guarantees that the conductor's weight is spread uniformly across the clamp's body. Additionally, this form gives the conductor optimal angles of connection. Counterweights are sometimes inserted to stop the conductor from lifting.

Other Fittings



Suspension clamps are used in conjunction with other fittings, including nuts and bolts, to improve the connection with the conductors.

Custom Design

To fit your application region, a bespoke suspension clamp design can also be requested. This is crucial since different suspension clamps are made for different types of conductor bundles or single wires.

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