Anchoring Clamp
Henvcon anchoring clamp is designed for the optical fiber cables type ADSS.

Anchoring Clamp Characteristics:
★High-quality: Henvcon anchoring clamp is resistant to high temperature and UV radiation. The plastic of the clamp loop is strong and can withstand frost.
★Easy to installation: No need to provide special tools for installing the anchoring clamp. And the fixing loop is made up of hot-dip galvanized steel wire.
  • Anchoring Clamp for ADSS Cable

    Anchoring clamps, namely wedge-type tension clamps, are high in strength, reliability, compactness, convenient use, and easy installation.


    The body of the anchoring clamp loop is a UV resistance polymer wedges or aluminum alloy body.


    1. Attach the anchoring clamp to the pole bracket using its flexible bail.

    2. Place the anchoring body over the cable with the wedges in their back position.

    3. Push on the wedges by hand to initiate the gripping onto the cable.

    4. Check the correct positioning of the cable between the wedges.

    5. When the cable is brought to its installation load at the end pole, the wedges move further into the plastic anchor clamp body.

    The Best Anchoring Clamp Manufacturer in China

    As a professional manufacturer & supplier of wedge-type tension clamps, Henvcon can provide all anchoring clamps, and customized plastic anchor clamp is available.


    What are the advantages of the anchoring clamp?

    The anchoring clamp has the follow advantages:

    • Light and compact

    • Easy, quick and safe dead-ending

    • Installation takes seconds

    • The flexible bail provides an extra protection to the cable against vibrations

    • All plastic parts are UV resistant and tested in conditions equivalent to min 25 years of service in tropical environment.


    2. How is the anchoring clamp used?

    Anchoring clamps or helical dead-ends, in general, can be used on all types of poles to secure a cable at the required horizontal tensioning and height. Suspension devices, on the other hand, must be installed on intermediate poles: they keep a cable at the proper height (vertical resistance).


    3. What is the function of the anchoring clamp?

    The primary function of the anchoring clamps for mounting the self-supporting insulated wires is to ensure the wires' reliable installation when tensioned between the transmission line supports.

    4. What is the application of the anchoring clamp?

    These anchoring clamps will be used as cable dead-ends at the ends of the poles (using one clamp).

    In the following situations, two wedge type tension clamps can be installed as a double dead-end:

    • at jointing poles

    • at intermediate angle poles when the cable route deviates by more than 20°

    • at intermediate poles when the two spans are different in lengths

    • at intermediate poles on hilly landscapes



  • Type

    Wedge type, PA2000,PA70,PA1500


    fiber optic cable

    suitable cable dia.


    Breaking load


  • Packing /shipping/ Terms of Payment :


    Packaging: Usually packed with cartons, wooden cases(as customer's requirements)


    Delivery: Depends on the qty ,usually 7-25days


    Terms of Payment : By T/T or LC

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