Universal Pole Bracket
Henvcon universal pole bracket is designed for all cable installation configurations on wooden, concrete or metal poles.

Universal Pole Bracket Characteristics:
★Made from aluminum alloy;
★High mechanical strength;
★Working load 5000 N;
★Universal fitting suitable for wooden, metal or concrete poles.
  • Features And Applications of Universal Pole Bracket

    The universal pole bracket is manufactured from aluminum alloy with correspondingly high mechanical strength. Its unique patented design has been developed to propose a universal fitting covering all installation situations on wooden, metal or concrete poles :

    Suspension of running out rollers                                              Jointing points

    Stay systems                                                                             Angle points

    Cross-arm installation                                                                Derivation points

    Dead-ending of single, double or triple parallel lines

    Dead-ending of several drop wires


    Installation Guides of Universal Pole Bracket

    With pole band: The UPB universal bracket attaches to any type of pole, drilled or undrilled, with two pole bands of 20mm width SB204 or SB207 and two buckles B20 or two clevis fasteners A20. Each universal bracket requires an average of two meters of pole band. The thickness of the pole band is determined by the required resistance and the loads to which the universal bracket is subjected.


    With bolt: If the pole head is drilled (wooden, sometimes concrete), the universal pole bracket UPB can also be mounted with a 14 or 16mm cross-through bolt. The length of the bolts is then proportional to the diameter of the pole head + 42mm (the thickness of the bracket).


    The Best Universal Pole Bracket Manufacturer in China

    As a professional universal pole bracket supplier, Henvcon can provide all universal brackets, and customized universal bracket is available.

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    Packing /shipping/ Terms of Payment :


    Packaging: Usually packed with cartons, wooden cases(as customer's requirements)


    Delivery: Depends on the qty ,usually 7-25days


    Terms of Payment : By T/T or LC

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