Short Span Suspension Clamp For ADSS Cable
★ Prolong the service life of optical cable
★ Protect the ADSS fiber cable to operate safely under the condition of unbalanced load
★ Improve the anti-vibration energy of the cable
★ Tangent Clamp /Ring type Suspension /Single Layer Suspension/J hook suspension clamp
  • Short Span Suspension Clamp Usage and Characteristics

    The short span suspension clamp are designed to reduce static stress at the support point of ADSS cable, as well as ensure that the cable is cushioned against the dynamic stress of aeolian vibration.
    Short Span Suspension Set for ADSS cable is mainly used for span length within 100M;
    Ring type Suspension Set for ADSS cable is mainly used for span length within 100M;
    Single Layer Suspension Set is mainly used for span length between 100M and 200M.
    The J hook suspension clamp is used for the direct suspension of round ADSS cables with Ø10 to 20mm which span length is less than 100M with straight poles

    Diagrammatic Drawing of Installation .

    Tangent Clamp for ADSS (Span less than 100M)

    Ring type Suspension for ADSS(Span less than 100M)

    Single Layer Suspension for ADSS (Suit for Span length 200M)

    J hook suspension clamp for ADSS (Span less than 100M)

  • Product Parameters :

  • Packing /shipping/ Terms of Payment

    Packaging: preformed guy grip according to the concrete product, Usually packed with cartons, wooden cases(as customer's requirements) .

    Delivery: usually, it will take about two weeks for the order of 10000 sets for production
    Terms of Payment : By T/T or L/C .

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