Insulator Top Tie
An insulator tie, namely a distribution tie, is designed to bundle the conductors to the spool insulator or pole top insulator.
Insulator Tie Characteristics:
★PVC plastic line ties / top ties are used with covered conductors and vertically-mounted tie top insulators on crossarms or pole-top-mounted insulators.
★Top ties line angles up to 15° when used with any plastic-covered conductor.
  • Material

    Henvcon insulator ties use the all-new raw material, not recycling material, to make the product.


    Color customized insulator ties, like black, white, and grey are available.


    Henvcon top ties have the features of UV resistance, good tensile strength, impact strength, flexural strength, etc.

    The Best Insulator Tie Manufacturer in China

    Insulator ties work better than hand ties on clip top insulators and armored poles. It has the characteristics of convenient installation, unified design, double support, and safety. As a certified manufacturer and supplier, Henvcon top bands are more efficient in meeting today's power directives.


    1. What Are the Key Components of An Insulator Tie?

    Four parts make the insulator tie function effectively.

    They are a tie, pad, identification tag, and color codes.


    2. What Is the Function of the Insulator Tie?

    The main function of the insulator tie is to protect the conductor from leakage of current. The insulating material forms a jacket around the conductor, ensuring that the cable does not directly contact other materials.


  • Product Parameters :


  • Packing /shipping/?Terms of Payment

    Packaging: preformed guy grip according to the concrete product, Usually packed with cartons, wooden cases(as customer's requirements) 
    Delivery: usually, it will take about two weeks for the order of 10000?sets for production
    Terms of Payment : By T/T or L/C

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