Guy Grip For OPGW Cable
Guy Grip For OPGW Cable is designed to connect OPGW cables and tensile poles(or towers).

Henvcon Guy Grip Characteristics:
★ Double Guy Grip improved the mechanical strength of the clamp effectively with the designation of three-ply preformed rod.
★ Be used in the special design of the fiber with large mechanical strength, which have high fall and long span route.
★Not limited to the tower and pole with turning angels.
  • Guy Grip For OPGW Cable

    Henvcon OPGW guy grip, namely guy grip dead end or dead end cable grips, is designed to connect OPGW cables and tensile poles(or towers).

    Guy Grip Sizes

    When considering the guy grip size, it is better to focus on the available dia. of cable, length of the dead-end component, reference weight, breaking strength, and universal scheme.

    Generally, guy grips are available in various sizes depending on different applications. If you are confused with guy grip sizes for OPGW cable, contact Henvcon today!



    A complete set of OPGW Helical Guy Grip includes aluminum alloy or aluminum or aluminum-clad steel dead-end,structural reinforcing rods, supporting fittings and grounding wire clamps etc.


    Aluminium Clad Steel rods can protect and provide cushioning to the OPGW cables.

    Guy Grip will not cause undue stress to the OPGW cables due to the special design of helical rods, therefore, the normal lifetime of cable system is ensured.

    The Best Guy Grip Supplier in China

    As a leading guy grip dead end supplier, Henvcon operates in the fields of electric power, telecommunication, railways more than 7 years and has accumulated immense experience in various projects. Contact us to grow your business!



    1. What is the production process of the guy grip dead end?

    Step 1: Cutting machines cut the aluminum or steel wire into an ideal length, then the aluminum or steel wire will be performed into the helical shape.

    Step 2: Use a cable tie to pack the aluminum or short steel wire pieces together, then the bundled wire is dipped in glue. Dry up the bundled wire and then cut off the cable' s tire. And dip all the wires in glue again.

    Step 3: Spray sanding: sanding is needed to enhance the strength of its grips.

    Step 4: the middle part of the wires is made to stand and bent into two legs.


    2. How to install the guy grip dead end?

    Step 1: Install the thimble clevis and insert one leg of the guy grip dead end.

    Step 2: Make the two legs of the dead end cable grips parallel. Make a color label on the cable, pay attention to the guy grip color mark should fit the label on the cable to grab the legs of the guy grip.

    Step 3: Grab the guy grip dead end again to ensure the cable is fully wrapped by the preformed grip.

    Diagrammatic Drawing Of Installation For OPGW Cable:

    guy grip dead end

  • TypeAvailable Dia. of Cable( mm)Failing Load(KN)
    ONY 07807.27.870
    ONY 08807.98.870
    ONY 10108.910.180
    ONY 114010.211.490
    ONY 128011.512.8100
    ONY 141012.914.1110
    ONY 155014.215.5120
    ONY 173015.617.3160
    ONY 184017.418.4160

  • Packaging: preformed guy grip according to the concrete product, Usually packed with cartons, wooden cases(as customer's requirements)

    Delivery: usually, it will take about two weeks for the order of 10000 sets for production

    Terms of Payment : By T/T

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