Double Suspension Clamp For OPGW Cable
★ Double Suspension Clamp
★ Suspension Clamps are intended for connecting OPGW Cable and pole
  • Preformed Suspension Clamps

    The Preformed Suspension Clamps are intended for connecting for OPGW Cable and Poles(Towers), reducing static stress to the OPGW Cables at support points and increase ant-vibration ability of ADSS cables, cushioning against the dynamic stress of Aeolian vibration, as well as ensure that the cable bending will not exceed the permissible value, make the cable does not generate bending stress, so that the fiber optic dont produce extra loss in the cable after installation.

    Diagrammatic Drawing of Installation for Double Suspension Clamp :



  •    TypeAvailable   Dia. of Cable( mm)

    Double Suspension Clamp


    OXS 09408.69.4
    OXS 10109.510.1
    OXS 107010.210.7
    OXS 114010.811.4
    OXS 122011.512.2
    OXS 129012.312.9
    OXS 13701313.7
    OXS 146013.814.6
    OXS 155014.715.5
    OXS 165015.616.5
    OXS 175016.617.5
    OXS 187017.618.7


  • Packaging: preformed guy grip according to the concrete product Usually packed with cartons, wooden cases(as customer's requirements) 

    Delivery: usually, it will take about two weeks for the order of 10000 sets for production

    Terms of Payment : By T/T 


  • 1. What are the components of suspension clamp?


    (1)Structural Reinforcing  (2)Outer Rods  (3)AGS Clamp  (4)Bye Chain Link(Type ZH)   (5)Anchor Shackle  (6)Grounding Wire Clamp


    (1)Structural Reinforcing Rods   (2)Dead-end Component   (3)AGS Clamp   (4)PS-Link (5)YokePlate   (6)U-Clevis   (7)Grounding Clamps

    2. What are the design requirements of suspension clamp?

    Design according to cable diameter


    3. What are the types of suspension clamp?

    (1)Single Suspension Set For OPGW Cable


    (2)Double Suspension Clamp For OPGW Cable


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