Bird Flight Diverters
The Bird Flight Diverters makes overhead lines and guyed structures visible to birds and provides an economical means of reducing the hazard to both lines and birds.

Bird Flight Diverters Characteristics:
★ Manufactured from gray or yellow high-impact PVC.
★ Lightweight & minimal wind resistance.
★ Easily and quickly installed by hand.
★ The positive grip on the conductor ensures the BIRD-FLIGHT Diverter remains in the applied location.
★ Long-life span without deterioration of material properties.
★ Recommended spacing distances are 15 feet intervals (depending upon local conditions).
  • Bird Flight Diverters

    Bird Flight Diverters, also called Bird Diverters, is made of rigid high, impact polyvinyl chloride(PVC), which possesses excellent chemical resistance and strength properties and will retain good physical characteristics within extreme temperatures. In addition, industrial fumes and saltwater can not seriously degrade the properties of rigid PVC.


    For more information, take a glance at The Ultimate Guide to Know About Bird Flight Diverters.


    Mounting clips are constructed of high-quality UV-stabilized, glass-reinforced, weather-resistant polymers, and therefore there is no transmission loss.


    Polymer gears control the clamp movement to apply force to both clamp arms evenly. Non-corrosive material springs provide grip.

    Clamping Methods

    Henvcon Bird Flight Diverters is equipped with a spring-loaded clamp and the fastener-type clamp. Spring-loaded clamps are used for quick clamping as spring clips can be mounted from a distance rather than fastener-type clips.

    The Best Bird Diverters Manufacturer in China

    As a leading Bird Flight Diverters manufacturer, Henvcon knows the Bird Flight Diverters and its market and your needs. Henvcon accepts any customized Bird Flight Diverters. So please, contact Henvcon to start your projects!



    1. What Are Bird Diverters on Power Lines?

    Bird diverters are the devices installed on power lines that improve power line visibility for birds in dark environments, reducing their risk of collision.  


    2. Why We Need Bird Flight Diverters on Power Lines?

    High-power transmission lines are placed very high for safety, but these overhead conductors are a potentially lethal obstacle to birds. In low visibility conditions, birds sometimes fly into power lines and collide with overhead structures and conductors. In addition to being fatal to birds, such accidents can damage insulation and equipment.


    3. Is It Necessary to Fix Bird Diverters on All Power Lines?

    Yes. When the Bird Diverters is fixed only on the top (earth) conductor, the risk of accident manifold will increase. Birds tend to dive down towards gravity since diving down is comparatively easier (gravity helps) than going up against gravity. While diving downwards, birds steer themselves between conductors, which increases the chances of accident multifold.


    4. How DBird Diverters Work?

    Bird flight diverters reflect sunlight and moonlight to make themselves visible to migratory birds from a safe distance, preventing birds from being hit while flying and wire damage and avoiding fines.

  • Product Parameters :


  • Packing /shipping/?Terms of Payment

    Packaging: preformed guy grip according to the concrete product, Usually packed with cartons, wooden cases(as customer's requirements) 
    Delivery: usually, it will take about two weeks for the order of 10000?sets for production
    Terms of Payment : By T/T or L/C

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