Let's start this article with the basic definition of a universal pole bracket. It is pole hardware, which is manufactured from aluminum alloy. This aluminum alloy's strength is sufficiently high, which provides the mechanical strength to the universal pole bracket. The universal pole bracket is designed in such a way as to be adapted easily with any type of installation configuration, such as concrete, metal, and wooden poles. A universal pole bracket is a handy tool that is designed to meet various applications. Some of the areas where you can find the application of universal pole bracket are as follow:


l  Stay wire/system

l  Cross-arm installation

l  Dead-ending of single, double, and triple parallel lines

l  Suspension of running out rollers

l  Derivation points

l  Drop connections of several drop wires

l  Junction points 

l  Angle points 

l  Aerial cables 


Installation Guides of Universal Pole Bracket

Depending upon the type of material on which it is to be installed, the configuration can vary

l  When it is used on drillable poles of wooden material, then a pole head bolt can be used, 

l  When used with a non-drillable pole (such as steel and concrete), two stainless steel pole bands along with buckles and a bolt are used to fasten the assembly. 

l  When it is to be installed on a pole that is pre-drilled, then a pole head bolt is enough to fasten it. 


The installation of the universal pole mount is straightforward. First, you have to drill a hole into the pole, and sometimes it can be pre-drilled. Then the next step is to anchor the Universal pole bracket on the pole. That can be done through nuts, bolts, and washers or by using stainless steel band. To tightened the UPB to the pole, a tensioning tool can also be used. 


Reasons why you need universal pole bracket

A universal pole bracket is a convenient tool, which can offer many benefits to the user. This article will only emphasize the top four reasons you should buy this pole mount clamp bracket.


1.Easy to install

Universal pole bracket is very easy to install. Only one-time guidance is enough to install the bracket by an amateur worker. The universal pole bracket can be installed without the aid of any complex tools and techniques. All you need is just a drill machine and a screw drawer. Yes, it is that easy. You can install it yourself. 


2.Adaptability with every material

It doesn't matter what your pole is made of because the universal pole bracket can be easily installed on a wide range of materials, such as concrete, wood, steel, etc. 


3.Wide range of Applications

The tool of the universal pole bracket is designed to meet the special requirements of the customer. It is used for multiple reasons. Let's take an example of a universal solar panel pole mount bracket used to mount a solar panel on a pole. So, the applications of universal pole brackets are not only limited to wires. You can use them for other purposes. Moreover, it can be used to attach more up to three drop wires. 


4.Design and strength

The other reason for having this device is its design and the strength it offers. The assembly is made up of high-strength aluminum, which offers high strength and high corrosion resistance. So a long life and durable performance are ensured. Furthermore, it is a single assembly, doesn't contain individual parts which can fall off. 


For these four reasons, we advise you to invest money in buying a universal pole bracket. It will be worth investment. Now you must be interested in purchasing a universal pole bracket. Then let me tell you why you should consider Henvcon as your number one choice? Well, Henvcon is there for the business for the last seven years. More than seven years of experience is enough to prove our worth in the market. We firmly believe in long-term relationships with our customers. Our product's quality meets the highest standards, and our products offer benefits that have no match. We will customize the most suitable universal pole bracket for you. 

Installation Guides of Universal Pole Bracket
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