The yoke plate is one of the most popular insulator fittings for overhead transmission lines. This piece of hardware puts together the various parts of an overhead electricity line, such as the insulators, socket tongue, or electrical clevis.


It can be found in many different forms, including forged steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, and ductile iron. But if you are purchasing for transmission lines and construction, choosing yoke plates made of hot-dip galvanized steel is the best option. This prevents the yoke plate from rusting even when it is exposed to moisture, salt, heavy pollution, dust, and high solar radiation.


3 Types of Yoke Plates

Yoke plates are available in a variety of designs and styles. You can choose them based on the transmission line installation requirements.


Moreover, there are three types of yoke plates; let us go over each one to see which one will work best for which transmission line.


1. Rectangular Yoke Plates

The rectangular yoke plate has a two-splint press that is tightly attached to it. It is connected to a fixture through a pinhole and a square yoke plate slotted hole, through which the bolt is passed to establish a secure connection. Moreover, the coupling nut is positioned on the edge card of two splints in a rectangular yoke plate.


2. Triangular Yoke Plates

The triangular yoke plate is the one that is used the most commonly in the industry since it works for a variety of purposes. They can be used in applications with two strings of insulators and a dead-end clamp or suspension used with a string of insulators.


Henvcon offers a variety of triangular yoke plate options; you can select the ones that best suit your needs based on the holes and grooves sizes, numbers, and configurations.


3. Two-Eye Yoke Plate

A two-eye yoke plate has an inclined plane in a clamp bodys key groove. When the clamp body, an upper plate, and a lower plate are assembled, bearing keys from the upper plate and the lower plate of the clamp body are pressed using the inclined plane in the key groove.


Installation Method of the Yoke Plate

The installation of a yoke plate for transmission lines varies on the type of product. The basic procedure, however, begins with drilling a hole in the wall surface for the wire. The wire should then be routed through the wire hole with enough extra to connect to the 0° mounting plate.


Next, fasten the yoke to the wall using the given mounting holes and the appropriate hardware. During the yoke plate installation process, the insulators connected to the cross arm will be on each side, and the conductor termination will be on the other. Furthermore, the linkage between the power yoke (plate) and the transmission line components must be safe and secure to ensure structural and wiring integrity.


That’s why we advise customers to have a team of professionals install the yoke plate for a more robust and long-lasting fit. The team at Henvcon is known to provide the best installation in every functional aspect, thanks to our relevant knowledge of the various types of yoke plates.



Yoke Plate at Best Price from Henvcon

Henvcon is well-known in the industry for offering yoke plates at competitive prices. Established in China, Henvcon has been manufacturing supporting products for transmission lines. Developed with the right skill set, our top seller, Yoke Plate, is designed to fulfill all the usage and industry needs.


üCorrosion Free

Henvcon yoke plates are coated correctly in hot-dip galvanized steel, giving them long-term protection from corrosion and rust.

üEasy Installation

Our R&D department has helped us create yoke plates that are simple to install and free of complications. 

üCost Effective

Henvcon offers its clients who purchase directly with us to get high-quality yoke plates at factory-directed prices.

üWide Variety

You can purchase three kinds of yoke plates from us, triangular, rectangular, and two-eye yoke plates.


About Henvcon

Committed to providing only the best at reasonable prices, the Henvcon quality control team pays attention to every detail and ensures that all products are superior quality, easy to install, and safe to use. Our reputable clients have been completing their projects with the help of our high-quality and prompt services.

Yoke Plate at Best Price From Henvcon
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