Although power transmission lines are installed high in the sky for human safety, they can be a murderous obstacle for our avian friends. When there is low visibility, birds can collide with these structures, which is not only a hazard to endangered species but can cause short circuits and power disruptions.


These problems can result in a hefty loss of money for power companies and drastically impact the daily lives of citizens as well. But this is something a simple bird flight diverter can solve and save the day. These devices improve the visibility of power lines to avian species, simultaneously reducing the risk of collision.


But where can you find these bird diverters, and are they really worth it? Read further to find out.


Why Is Henvcon The Best Bird Flight Diverter Supplier?

When you make an investment, it is vital that you choose a product that delivers, and a Henvcon bird flight diverter does exactly that. Here we list some of the reasons why you should opt for Henvcon spiral and firefly bird diverter.


High Quality

Designed to boost the visibility of guyed masts and overhead power lines for birds soaring in the sky, bird flight diverters aim to provide an economical solution to cut down on the hazard of bird collision.


Henvcon bird flight diverters are manufactured from robust, high-impact polyvinyl chloride (PVC)—a material that boasts durability, indispensable resistance to chemicals, and zero impact from the wind as well as extreme atmospheric temperatures. Moreover, the material is chosen carefully to formulate bird flight diverters to remain unaffected by salt water and industrial fumes.



Although the quality of a product speaks for itself, the experience of a supplier in its domain is equally significant. Established back in 2012, Henvcon stands out from all other technological gadget providers because of its exemplary expertise in the field. Our products have gained a following amongst a large range of enterprises due to the long service life and unmatchable choice of manufacturing materials.


Perfect Pre-Sale and After-Sale Service 

Henvcon encourages its customers to not only contact their refined specialists to find out what works best for their situation but also visit their factory to get a deeper insight into the workings of the company. To keep communication open, all messages, calls, and emails are answered as soon as possible.


Furthermore, Henvcon promises to stand by its valued customers if any problems arise after purchase. A technical service representative or local agency dealer is entrusted with resolving the problem within 24 hours of the request. The company also provides its clients with a year-round guarantee of its products, bearing all reasonable expenses in case of any deterioration. Besides that, Henvcon also provides its own professional technicians to assist with the installation process so that customers can be free from all the hassle.



Fast Delivery 

The bird flight diverter supplier not only focuses on excellent pre-sale and after-sale service but also aims to fulfill the customer's requirements by providing rapid order completion and delivery. For bird diverters, the wholesale company asks for just two weeks' time for 1000 sets of production. 


Moreover, in the case of urgent orders, Henvcon can also arrange a special production priority for the client, given that requirements and terms are negotiated and agreed upon by both parties.


Low Wholesale Price 

At Henvcon, you can buy products in bulk at the lowest prices, unlike any other company. You can get a pocket-friendly quote by contacting representatives at Henvcon via the company website or provided phone number, and we will ensure to keep things within your budget. 



Henvcon: The Best Bird Flight Diverter Supplier

Henvcon bird flight diverters are one of a kind with their high quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. These gadgets sport high visibility for birds at dusk and dawn and can easily be installed without disconnecting the power supply.


Here is what you can expect when you choose the Henvcon bird flight diverter:

A Henvcon bird flight diverter is durable and lightweight.

They require no to minimal maintenance.

Henvcon bird diverters are made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This allows them to tolerate harsh climates and last longer.

A Henvcon bird flight diverter can be installed and removed easily and quickly.



Nowadays, bird flight diverters are becoming necessary to ensure safety, and you can find the best ones at Henvcon. Henvcon is a top-of-the-line supplier for a wide range of products related to telecommunications, railways, and electric power with over 10 years of expertise in the field. We aim to provide its clients with competitive prices and prompt service, which helps them accomplish their projects efficiently and effectively.




Why is Henvcon Your Best Bird Flight Diverter Supplier?
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