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Guy grips make finishing up an electrical connection easier, and they are a common choice for electrical installation and distribution companies because of its easy handling. However, every technician knows that the right product is dependent on how well it suits the requirement of your job, so before you get sold on any option, you have to consider two things. The application of a product and the brand of the stated product. If you are yet to make a decision, you should go through this quick expert review on guy grips to know whether they are the right one for the job.



Guy grip applications 

Three major applications of using guy grips are discussed here. These applications cover whether you are using guy grips for dead-end or guy grips for ADSS.


1.     Conductor 

One of the features of a guy grip dead-end is that they are made from conducting material just like with connection wires. The reason is because of the role it plays; Guy grips serve as a connection tool whether in dead ends or when they are used for ADSS and the installation process involves wrapping it around wires. Therefore, guy grip dead-end serves as a conductor between conductor grip and connection wires. Therefore, when choosing the kind of guy grip to purchase, it is important to pay attention to the material they are made from. Since different materials have their unique properties, it is a factor that affects their effectiveness.


1.     Grounding wire

A Guy grip is used in the connection of grounding wires which is usually a section sensitive to damages from weather or conduction resistance. The ergonometric design of guy grip, it’s installation, and material helps to solve these failures commonly experienced by grounding wires. In addition to its effectiveness, guy grip dead-end is unbelievably easy to install without any fancy or complicated tools. All you need to do is understand its operation. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to the instructions and specifications of any grip before installation.


2.     Optical fiber application

Connecting dead ends in optical fiber installations can be done with guy grip. Because of the helical line formed by the wires of the grip, it is easy to wrap around the ADSS connections and form a strong grip. With that, the guy grips dead ends can be held in place with a clamp to give a sturdy connection. Guy grip dead-end comes in different sizes which can be wrapped around the diameter of the fiber optical cable to perform required ADSS function.


At this point you should have a clear idea of whether guy grips will serve you or not. Considering the fact that these guy grips are needed for the long-term application you should go for a brand that provides high quality and puts you at an advantage. With Henvcon guy grips, you can get an economic advantage and a reliable product due to our design and physical properties. Besides, you’ll be getting great tension, conductivity, and grip at a great price from us if you have a long-term relationship with us.

Top Applications of Guy Grip
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