Guy grip is an electrical accessory and a tensioned cable, which adds strength and stability to any mechanical structure like a pole, tower, ship masts, turbines, etc. They are widely used to anchor the poles in a way that the dead ends of these poles are secured. These grips are carefully twisted to add stability to the telecommunication or electric cables that can damage otherwise. As these grips are the adhesive tape used to secure guy wires to utility poles, they are not only extremely durable but also capable of withstanding severe weather and operational conditions.


What to Consider When Buying A Guy Grip?

When you are looking for a guy grip, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.


1. Choose Guy Grips that Fit Your Industry

One of the most important things to consider before buying a guy grip is to look for industry-specific products. For instance, some grips perform better in the telecommunication sector, while others are more relevant in the transportation or railway sectors. As all these sectors have different power needs, the grips manufactured for them are essentially different. So, always look for specific products related to your industry to make the most out of them.


2. Size of the Guy Grip

Their size becomes crucial as guy grips have to provide a reliable connection between the wires and the poles. If you are getting a smaller size, it will not provide a proper grip between all the electric components, resulting in an inconsistent power supply to the consumers. Similarly, a smaller than required grip will also break down due to the consistent pressure being applied to the grip. On the other hand, a loose grip will not provide a proper grip between the poles and the wires.


3. Material of the Guy Grip

When choosing a guy grip, the material of the grip should also be an important consideration. These grips come in various materials, including aluminum wire, clad steel, and galvanized steel. Normally, the grip is of the same material to which they are applied to maximize their performance and avoid any inconsistency in the electrical properties of these structures.


Henvcon Recommendation

Henvcon brings a variety of guy grips, capable of serving in any type of condition. Some of our famous grips include:


Preformed Guy Grip Dead-End for Conductor

The advantages and features of the guy grips for conductors are given below:


ü Uniformly distributed stress using clamps significantly enhances the conductors lifetime.

ü Capability to endure high intension and high grip strength, with more than 95% CUTS.

ü Easy installation.

ü Perfect corrosion resistance.


Preformed guy grip dead end is widely used in the installation of the exposed conductor in any electric network transmission. While bolt type and hydraulic compression type grips dead-end are also used in many sectors nowadays, preformed guy grips are better than them both in terms of functionality and economics.


By providing incredible holding strength to the conductor, preformed grips ensure structural stability by providing incredible holding strength to the conductor. Most of the time, these wire sets are made of galvanized iron strands, aluminum-clad steel conductors, and other materials.


Guy Grip For OPGW Cable

Following are the features and benefits of using guy grips for OPGW cables.


ü Specifically designed to connect OPGW cables to towers.

ü More mechanical strength with a double grip.

ü It can be used for both straight poles as well as those with turning angles.


These grips are made of aluminum alloy or aluminum or aluminum-clad steel and will not provide any undue stress to OPGW cables due to the special design of helical rods.


Short Span Guy Grip For ADSS Cable

With the sole function of connecting ADSS cables with poles/towers, these guy grips have the following characteristics:


ü Stable structure

ü Easy to install

ü Designed for short span length ADSS cables

ü Low cost


Henvcon’s Other Products

Henvcon has championed the manufacturing of electricity cable fittings. Apart from guy grip, we are manufacturers of the following other top-notch products:


● Suspension clamps

● Link fittings

● Helical accessories

● Railway fittings

● PVC products


Wrapping Up

Henvcon has been serving the electric power, telecommunication, and railway industry for more than 10 years, which has helped them in getting valuable experience in the field. By incorporating modern-day technology in their manufacturing, Henvcon has managed to manufacture highly convenient and reliable products, which are transforming the electric cables market of the world.

Top 3 Guy Grip Recommendation from Henvcon
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