Power installation is an inevitable operation in basic life. However, power installation is not an easy task, which often requires much labor. And there are various installation considerations, such as ensuring that the direction and angle of stay wire meet the requirements. Distribution companies often use Short Span Guy Grip for short span length ADSS cable installation because Short Span Guy Grip is convenient and cheap.


What is Short Span Guy Grip?


Guy Grip is also called the guy grip dead end or the preformed guy grip. The acknowledged and reliable preformed guy grip dead end for the connection is also responsible for applying ADSS Cable.

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Short Span Guy Grip is designed to connect ADSS cables and poles/towers. The preformed guy grip for ADSS cable was used on poles or metal towers to construct a telecommunication distribution network with fiber optic ADSS cables. The material for Short Span ADSS Guy Grip is aluminum-clad steel or galvanized steel wire. Short Span Guy Grip is mainly used for ADSS installation between strain tower/pole, corner tower/pole, mid-joint tower/pole and terminal tower/pole, and terminal tower/pole, which span length is less than 100M.  


Short Span Guy Grip is a good helper for cable installation. The preformed guy grip has many advantages as one of the equipments equipped with cables. Short Span Guy Grip helps the cables be better drawn during the electrical installation process, which saves electric workers' energy and reduces many troubles encountered during the electrical installation process. There are the top 3 benefits of Short Span Guy Grip for ADSS cable as follows. 


Easy to install

Diagrammatic drawing of installation for Short Span Guy Grip:

Short Span Guy Grip has a single and stable structure, which is easy to install. The components are added to the equipment based on the needs of the dead grip. The legs of the preformed guy grip are spiral-shaped, with unreactive grits holding the messenger wire every turn. Short span guy grip can be well applied to ADSS cable with simple operation.


Low price

Electrical engineering costs a lot, but the Short Span Guy Grip used to connect ADSS cables is cheap, especially the Short Span Guy Grip for ADSS Cable from Henvcon. We are committed to providing high quality and affordable Short Span Guy Grip. The high-quality Short Span Guy Grip will save much money for power distribution projects and power distribution companies.


Providing protection and cushioning to the ADSS cables

Short Span Guy Grip's armor rods can provide protection and cushion to the ADSS cables. The special design of preformed rods ensures that Guy Grip won't cause undue stress to the ADSS cables to ensure the cables system's normal lifetime. Short Span Guy Grip from Henvcon has good quality and can provide good protection and buffer for ADSS cable.

Henvcon is a professional guy grip manufacturer with 7 years of experience. With a 25,000 m2 factory area, we can produce and ship guy grip (OPGW&ADSS) about 500,000Km per year. We are trusted by several companies, holding a world-class certificate, such as ISO 9001:2015, GB/T19001-2016, CNAS, and CEPRI certification. We have over 15 professional R&D engineers and timely technical support to ensure the solutions in high quality and at a competitive price, allowing customers to have more margin in this business.


Taking the advantages of modern scientific management in both production and customer services, Henvcon performed wholesale tasks on time, and even the orders were huge. With our competitive pricing and prompt services, we have achieved remarkable results in the industry and help our clients accomplish their own projects efficiently and effectively. We are looking forward to exploring the future in a win-win situation with everyone involved.

Top 3 Benefits of Short Span Guy Grip for ADSS Cable
Hora :2021-03-09

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