We, from all over the country, are gathered together by fate, like many small rivers of different origins flowing into the ocean due to gravity, forming the big family of Henvcon.

In line with the original intention of improving teamwork ability and execution ability, and deepening the employees' sense of love for the job and dedication, Guangdong Henvcon Company carried out a 2-day lasting group-building activity in the “Legend Camp” which was located in Wangniudun Town, Dongguan City. Forty-eight colleagues from various departments of the company participated in this event.

Grasping the tail of spring, we set out on the journey by bus just for an exciting appointment. Everyone was anxious and looking forward to it, anxious about its unknown factors, and looking forward to its wonderful parts. As soon as they arrived at the camp and put away their luggage, everyone immediately lined up and waited for the instructor's command. Standing in a military posture and following the command "look forward, turn right, take a break and stand still", reminds us of the military training life in our student days.



Then we lined up according to the divided teams, there was the "Eagle Team", "Extermination-all Team", "Knife Team" and "Wolf Team". Each team competed by shouting slogans, to check which team did it more unanimously and loudly. The sound waves on the playground were higher and higher. For the team honor, every member shouted as loud as possible they could, which perfectly showed the mien of the "Henvcon people", confident, high-spirited, and upward. Immediately after entering the "Fantastic Pen" section, each team should practice writing first the company name on the red paper, and then, the team's name on the team flag. It sounded easy, but it wasn’t easy to let several people control the brush to write Chinese characters of a complex structure by pulling the wires. Because if their forces were inconsistent, the characters written resulted crooked and unsightly. Fortunately, through the team's concerted cooperation, all groups completed the task relatively successfully.


The difficulty of following games was upgraded, which would test mainly the team's cooperation and execution ability. The first was the "Mine Array", divided into 4 rounds. By avoiding the hidden minefields, take 12 steps to reach the exit. No team succeeded in the first round, because some stepped on the mine in the third row, or even hit the mine in the first step, unfortunately, "sacrificed". The "Eagle" successfully broke through in the second round, they revealed that the tactic lay in mastering the rules and accumulating experience (observing the steps of former teams). The wisdom of this game was not to repeat mistakes, to strengthen the cooperation between team members, to be good at dealing with unknowns and challenges, and to achieve the mission resolutely.

During afternoon break, we continued to meet the challenges with better spirits in the afternoon. Accompanied by the music, the military instructor demonstrated the cup dance flexibly and rhythmically, we also followed his movements to learn. Some members were good at learning fresh things, so they danced the cup very well after practicing for a while. However, a few couldn’t keep up with the overall speed, so when the team was practicing together, noisy and harsh sounds came out, making an obvious inconsistent rhythm. But as a whole, the honor of the team was higher than that of the individual. The stronger should help the weaker to make progress together. Through gradual practice and mutual help, the uniform team cup dance was displayed in front of the instructor. He bluntly said that it was an audio-visual enjoyment.

Then came the game "Tower of Hanoi". The game required all 5 discs of different sizes to be moved from point A to point C, and the larger disc cannot be pressed against the smaller in the process. The "Wolf" was the fastest to finish the game in all 3 rounds, which was amazing. They found the successful path before the game and simulated it once. During the game, their division of labor was clear, and every step was taken meticulously. It can be seen that the members of this team usually do their jobs at the best at one time. Other team members should learn a lot from them in the future. As the so-called "share the blessings and misfortunes ", the "Extermination-all" did not complete the task in time, so all members were punished to do press-ups together, and they would also learn from this loss.


The highlight of the evening was "Walking the Road of Life". In our life, we will encounter many difficulties and setbacks, big, or small. With the care and help of our family and friends, we can go further along the way. On this simulated "road of life", we were blindfolded, what to do was hold the hands of our companions, move forward and overcome the difficulties together, believing that the strength given by each other would eventually help us reach the destination. This part vividly embodied that a harmonious and trusting relationship was the foundation of collaboration. 

Through this simulation, the members can become closer partners who trust and rely on each other, enhancing the team's collaboration, which is also true at work.



The next day was equally challenging and exciting. In our daily work, we are in different ranks, and communication between ranks is very important. "Simple Task" simulates how the senior, middle, and primary of the team can achieve the goal together. The five levels of A, B, C, D, and E had to transmit information by scrips, level by level, and couldn’t communicate across levels, forming a vertical pyramid common- cation model. This game required leaders to have an insight into the overall situation and make clear plans when they got the task; mid-level employees must be clear about their responsibilities and play a role in linking the upper and the subordinate; grass-roots employees must follow the instructions to complete the assigned tasks conscientiously and give feedback to the upper managers. None of the four teams passed this round. It seemed that the company's internal communication still needed to be strengthened a lot in the future. 

Then, we start the match "Blind Square". With the commander's verbal instructions, members of each team put on blindfolds and encircled a rope into a square. During the process, the members' ability to execute and understand was particularly important. For example, if the commander told the members to turn right, but the members went in the opposite direction, how could they complete the task? The "Knife" and the "Extermination-all" performed well in this competition and won the top two positions. The reason was very simple, that is, the commander's made very clear instructions, and team members had strong execution ability.

In the afternoon, we took part in the game called "crossing the river like a monster". Each team of 12 members could only use 8 feet and 6 hands, which would test everyone's creativity. The "Eagles" did not come up with a posture that conformed to the rules before the game. They failed three times in the challenge for starting in a hurry without checking in advance, which resulted in a great loss of physical strength. Therefore, innovation, execution, and collaboration are indispensable. 



The ultimate challenge was finally coming, the "Black Hole" - all members must pass through the "black hole" within the specified time, and they were not permitted to touch the set red rope frame line in the process of transporting people. Once the line touched, they would start all over again. In addition, all of us had to accept a severe push-up penalty if we were not able to pass the game. At this time, the four teams reunited with the Henvcon family. A chief commander was required to lead us to finish this final task. Liu Yongcheng from the R&D department proposed himself, and he was elected unanimously by all the members. 

During the preparation time, he summoned the captains of the previous four teams to discuss countermeasures and set the passing time within 40 minutes. The members present felt that time might not be enough, but they still had to trust the decision. Because so many members are of different heights and figures, it is quite brain-wracking when arranging the sequence. Consider- a ring that the first person to pass had no companions on the other side, a petite girl shall be sent first. In the beginning, this strategy did work, but because some members spoke during the game, and the transporting members touch the line, our general commander was punished several times until exhausted, about which all the members were worried. Rules are rules, and we must abide by them. Suppose we only pay attention to human emotions, the existence of rules is meaningless. Without rules, we'd be in a mess.

In the repeated failures and summing up experience, we had seen everyone's dedication to the entire team: those who were strong helped to transport other members to the front. The delicate girls were in charge of observing whether the line was touched or not. Some may be praying, others, watching the situation on the court, or memorizing in mind the successful experience. "More hands produce a stronger flame". The strength of the team is huge. With the leadership of the commander, all members worked together to complete this difficult challenge within 40 minutes, which was incredible. 

After the game, everyone applauded and cheered, being proud of themselves and the team. In the last thanksgiving session, members shook hands and hugged one by one, expressing their gratitude with real actions. Whether in this team activity or the previous and future work, we will sincerely treat and help each colleague.


The two-day lasting team-building activity left a deep impression on us. We were moved, tired, laughed out loud, or relieving pressure. In short, a group of people can always achieve great things together as long as they are in harmony and work together. The past has been gone, please cherish the present together, grasp the future, and create a more brilliant future for Henvcon!

To Embrace Victory by Struggling Hard-Henvcon’s Team-building Activity
Hora :2022-06-09

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