An anchor shackle serves as a connecting link that secures moving objects to a fixed object. It is built with a U-shaped structure with two holes at opposite ends (called ears) through which a dowel pin or bolt can be inserted to bind it in place. An anchor shackle, in particular, serves an anchoring function to secure an object in place, so it doesn't move around easily.


Popular Applications of Anchor Shackles

Anchor shackles can be used in a wide variety of applications. Typically the ends of the shackle face the fixed object, whereas the u shape of the shackle faces the moving one. The round shape of the shackle helps balance all the forces acting on it, so the load pulling on it from any direction won't have any effect on it. Therefore, they are popularly used for rigging and towing in boating, lifting or hoisting anchor lines, and connecting devices to any rigging system.



Types of Shackle Bows

Before selecting the right shackle for your application, you should study the different types. There are two major types of shackles depending on the shape of their bow:

1. Anchor Shackle

Anchor shackles, also called bow shackles, can be recognized by their round "O" shaped bow. This rounder curvature allows them to take on heavier loads from multiple directions without developing any sideload. This makes them ideal for applications requiring a wider strap or connecting multiple leg slings.

2. Chain Shackles

Chain shackles, also known as D shackles, can be identified by their D-shaped bow. This rectangular design has a reduced diameter than anchor shackles. Chain shackles are typically used to join two segments directly for in-line tension. For objects that will have more than one attachment or will experience force from different directions, an anchor chain would be more suitable. This is because side loading a D shackle may bend or twist the chain shackle.


Factors to Consider When Buying an Anchor Shackle

Before you can step into the market to purchase an anchor shackle, keep the following factors in mind:


lThe Total Weight of the Load

The very first thing to consider is the sum weight of your load. Most suppliers will offer you a chart depicting the maximum working load the anchor shackle will be able to bear according to its nominal diameter. Be sure to have a clear idea of how much load your anchor shackle will be put under, and keep your suppliers chart as a reference as you purchase.

lThe Type of Sling Being Used

If your load needs to be supported by multiple slings, you should always opt for a bow or anchor shackle. This is because multiple slings will expose your shackle to side loading. A chain shackle would, therefore, only be suited for applications with a single sling or for creating in-line tension (remember that side loading a chain shackle may bend or disfigure its shape).  

lThe Type of Sling Hitch Being Used

There are three main types of sling hitches, the straight-leg vertical hitch, the choker hitch, and the basket hitch. If you’re securing an item with a straight-leg vertical hitch or a choker hitch, a chain shackle would be suited to the operation. A basket hitch will usually use two legs of a sling to distribute the load. In this case, an anchor shackle would be more suited.

lThe Angle of the Sling

Finally, consider the angle of the sling. The higher the angle, the lower the working load limit will be. A side loading angle of 6° – 45° may lead to a 30% reduction in the working load limit. If you're using multiple slings strung at an angle to your shackle, always opt for an anchor shackle. This is because chain shackles are not recommended for side loading. When using a chain shackle, the center line of your load should always coincide with the central line of the chain shackle, so angling is not suitable.



Where to Buy Your Anchor Shackle From?

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Tips on Choosing an Anchor Shackle for Your Project
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