We humans built more and more towers, megastructures and spread transmission lines with each passing day. All these structures act as barriers to the Avian species. Each year hundreds of thousands of birds are killed by overhead power lines. The transmission lines and other overhead wires are not visible to the birds, especially in poor weather conditions and low visibility. Special tools are used to make the transmission lines visible to the birds to protect bird species from these accidents. These unique tools are known as bird flight diverters. This article will discuss the need for bird flight diverters, their characteristics, and their advantages.


As per a global report, 40% of the birds around the world are in decline. One of the reasons behind their declination is their colliding with transmission lines. The electrocution hazards can contribute to the extinction of some endangered species, so it is necessary to take timely action. One such endangered bird is the Great Indian Bustard. Its population in India is declining due to this electrocution hazard. The bird flight diverter's primary aim is to make the overhead lines and other guyed structures visible to the flying birds, especially to the migrating birds. It is a protective tool, which provides safety to the birds as well as to the wires. A guideline is followed for their safe installation. When the voltage is low or medium, a bird flight diverter is applied to the phase conductors (Bare or jacketed). Whereas high voltage wires, a bird flight diverter is applied on the shield wire. 

Cheap-price-bird-flight-diverter-for-overhead (1).

Cheap-price-bird-flight-diverter-for-overhead (1).

Characteristics of Bird flight diverters:

Before going further, let's shed some light on the characteristics of bird flight diverters. The following are some of the main characteristics of the bird flight diverters.



Bird flight diverters are very light in weight. Being light in weight, they cause no sagging in the wire. Moreover, they offer very minimal wind resistance.


2.Highly reflective

Bird flight diverter is very reflective, making it easily visible from a long distance. The grey and yellow PVC material have high visibility. When visible from a long distance, it will be straightforward for the bird to spot the wires and avoid them. 

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3.Easy to install

Bird flight diverters are very easy to install, and they don't require any sophisticated tool and expertise. They can be easily installed by hand. 



Bird flight diverter is made up of high strength and high impact Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material has high resistance against chemicals, and it also has very high tensile strength. Hence bird fight diverters will retain good physical conditions within a range of harsh conditions for an extended period. Tests have shown that bird flight diverters made up of PVC don't deteriorate in function or appearance. The material is also durable against high temperatures. 



The recommended spacing between bird flights is 15 feet, but it can vary from place to place. 


6.A positive grip

The positive grip on the conductor ensures the BIRD-FLIGHT Diverter remains in the applied location. 

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National bird day

Just because these birds cannot speak, that doesn't mean that we will neglect the pain they suffer. So, each year January 5th is celebrated as national bird day. It is celebrated to shine a spotlight on the issues essential to the survival and protection of the Avian species. The day helps us realize the importance of this precious species and to make our pledge to protect them against any harm. This year we can pledge to keep birds safe from electrocution hazards. It can be done by installing a bird diverter in the transmission line as much as possible. The power line bird diverter can ensure their safety while they were flying freely in the sky. Now it is our responsibility to make the world a better place for every person and every species. 


Since the need for bird flight diverters is well justified. Now it is time to buy these useful and birds' life-saving devices. Let me introduce you to Henvcon. Henvcon is a leading manufacturer and distributor of power cables and other wire accessories. We manufacture the highest quality of products. Our products offer proven benefits. So what are you waiting for? Contact us and place your order for a bird flight diverter and contribute to bird species' safety. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Know About Bird Flight Diverters
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