Electric transmission lines are one of the most vulnerable systems to vibrations, mainly because they carry extremely high voltage currents and carry these currents through very long distances. If a vibration problem occurs, this phenomenon can have an extremely large impact on the operation of the transmission system as a whole.

There are many ways we can reduce the vibration in a transmission line, but the vibration damper is usually the best solution.

A vibration damper is a device that can be installed either near the end of a transmission line, usually at each tower or pole. The damper helps to absorb the vibrations of the transmission lines and reduces the amount of vibration that is transmitted along the line.

In this article, we will talk about how it can solve the problem of vibration and the best vibration damper solution for electric transmission lines.


Types of Vibrations in Electric Transmission Lines

Vibration is the mechanical movement of a material caused by an external force. In the case of electric transmission lines, it is generally caused by wind and other forms of atmospheric pressure. This can cause damage to both poles and insulators on the line, as well as create a safety hazard for workers who may be working on or near the transmission line at the time.

There are two types of vibrations that can be present in a line:


1. Aeolian Vibration

The Aeolian vibration is caused by wind and is the most common type of vibration in electric transmission lines. It occurs when the wind pushes on the conductor, making it vibrate.

The frequency of the vibration is generally low, and it can be felt by humans as a low-pitched rumbling noise. This type of vibration is most commonly found on long transmission lines that are not enclosed by structures; however, it can also occur in shorter spans when there is an open area between support towers. This type of vibration is usually harmless but can cause some damage over time if left unchecked.

2. Galloping or Dancing Vibration

Galloping/Dancing vibration occurs when high winds push on the conductor and cause it to move up and down rapidly and creating a wave that travels along the line. This results in a loud, rhythmic noise that can be heard over long distances.

This type of vibration can cause serious damage because the conductors are constantly rubbing against each other, which can wear down the metal and create sparks that can ignite fires.


How Does a Vibration Damper Work to Prevent Vibration?

Vibration dampers are placed at critical locations to the line conductor and consist of weights on a flexible steel strand. When the conductor moves in response to vibrations, the weights will move back and forth. This causes resistance to motion and dissipates energy from the vibrating conductor. This prevents damage to both conductors and insulates them from external vibration sources.

The frequency range for this type of device usually falls between 0.08 Hz and 150 Hz, depending on its design and construction materials used in its manufacture.

Vibration dampers are designed with special materials that absorb mechanical vibrations without burning or melting down. Because they are usually made from high-quality steel, they can withstand high temperatures without damage or degradation of performance over time, as well as withstand hard impacts from objects thrown against them during earthquakes or other violent events (for example).


Henvcons Stockbridge Dampers for Electric Transmission Lines

Henvcons 4D series Stockbridge dampers are made of high-quality metal, which has good mechanical properties such as low weight, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, etc. They have good damping performance under various conditions, including temperature changes and mechanical impact.

This Stockbridge vibration damper for transmission lines has four resonant frequencies ranging from 3Hz to 150Hz, which can absorb most of the vibrational energy from the line conductor and extend transmission line service life.

These vibration dampers are lightweight, easy to install, and flexible to use. They can be installed on OPGW and ADSS cable with Armor Rod in the transmission line system.



Henvcon is a professional Stockbridge vibration dampers manufacturer, and we have been in business for years. We have gained a worldwide reputation for producing high-quality products at competitive prices. Our vibration dampers are built to last and are tested extensively to ensure that they meet all industry standards.

The Best Vibration Damper Solution for Electric Transmission Lines
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