Companies often overlook a crucial tool when carrying out the mounting and installation of electrical transmission and distribution lines. The anchor clamp is a device used to secure conductors, transmission, and telecom wires connected to a tension rigid support tightly bound to prevent unnecessary movement or separation. 


In this brief article, we delve into the nitty-gritty of anchor clamps, to enlighten buyers who are considering a purchase or those who are just interested in knowing more about this very important piece of equipment.

anchor clamp

Features of anchor clamps


A typical anchoring clamp consists of different components. As the main parts, there is the clamp body, whose purpose is conducting wires in place. Besides, we have the wedge, an adjustable sliding piece that houses the clamp's body and, at the same, offers rigidity to the clamp. For the auxiliary pieces, there are respectively the bail and brackets. The first one acts as a connector between the clamp's body and the bracket. The second one, it is mounted on a surface. In most cases, a pole, either by straps or by nuts and bolts, serves as a pillar upon which the clamp is anchored. 

Depending on its end-use, the build of an anchoring clamp can either be:


1. Plastic anchor clamp: This type of clamp is suitable for low-voltage insulated ABC cables. What makes it desirable is that it supports multi-conductors and comes with insulation sheaths placed in a single cable. 


2. Metal anchor clamp: This clamp is made of either aluminum alloy, nylon, fiberglass, or stainless steel, which implies that it is durable with high mechanical stability and climatic resistance. It is easy to identify by a stainless steel bail with two marbles compressed at its end. 


anchor clamp


Application of anchor clamps


The application of an anchor clamp is subjective to the situation on which it is needed. However, they are generally limited to three utilizations:


End poles: cable dead-end at end poles requiring just one anchor clamp.

Jointed poles: Double dead end requiring one bracket and two anchor clamps.

Intermediary poles: For double anchoring, also requiring one bracket and two anchor clamps.



Installation of anchor clamps for ADSS cables


The installation of anchor clamp for cables is a straightforward process which demands only a few minutes to complete and can even be done by non-professionals. However, we recommend against it because of safety concerns. The steps involved are:


1. Begin the installation by mounting the bracket on the required surface (e.g., pole) using either strips or nuts and bolts as a fastener.

2. Slide the wedge up away from the clamp's body to ensure a sufficient gap for the ADSS cable to be inserted.

3. Carefully put the ADSS cable between the wedge of the clamp's body.

4. Once the ADSS cable has been properly inserted, slide the wedge back down and apply some force to make sure it grips the clamp's body.

5. Anchor the clamp unto the bracket by inserting the open end of steel bail through the bracket back into the opened gap clamp's body. Twist and wiggle the mouth of the steel bail to ensure that it adequately locked into the clamp's body.


With these short procedures, you a done installing the anchor clamps on ADSS cables.


anchor clamp




These fundamental insights should give you a better understanding of anchor clamps and better inform your decision whenever you intend to make a purchase. The sensitive nature of anchor clamps use-case warrants that you purchase one of superior quality.


Henvcon anchor clamps are made of a unique thermoplastic body that enhances its climatic resistance and improves the longevity of the product and cables it fastens. Our team at Henvcon is specialized in manufacturing high-quality cables and line fittings for electrical power, telecoms, and railways applications. We offer competitive prices and quick service actions that make us a major player in this field.


If you need more information, we would be glad to provide you with all the assistance you may need.


Something You May Want to Know About Anchor Clamps
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