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Finding a spiral vibration damper on an overhead line is a common occurrence and if they are used so often, it is worth taking a closer look. These spiral vibration dampers are often used as line guards and they work extremely well for protecting cables. You can use them on OPGW cables, bare conductors and ADSS cables to serve the same purpose. Wondering whether they are the right one for you? Let’s take a sweeping review of how they work, and some major reasons for utilizing spiral vibration damper. The aim is to help technicians gain a better understanding and at the end of the day make a decision that will improve the quality and lifespan of electrical installations.


How does a Spiral Vibration Damper work?

The mechanism of spiral vibration damper lies in the design and dimensions of this cable. Its helical section creates a counter vibration to that of the laminar winds so that there is an anti-hunt effect on the frequency and vibration. This in turn creates some balance and absorbs the otherwise damaging effect of the laminar wind. While the smaller dimension of the inner surface of the helical section protects the cables by providing a firm grip that minimizes any loss of optical signal. The wholesome effect is that it plays the role of a line guard i.e. a reduced aeolian vibration and an increased lifespan of cables.



Spiral Vibration Damper features and usage

An important thing to note is that spiral vibration dampers do not replace the need for proper connection considerations against stress, abrasion, or arc-over burning. It simply provides a protective dampening effect against aeolian vibrations. The following are the features and usage of spiral vibration damper:

  1. 1.Material: The material of any spiral vibration damper is critical because it alters its effectiveness and longevity. They are made with solid thermal plastics that provide a non-corrosive feature which allows them to be weather resistant.

  2. 2.Two sections – dampening end and gripping section: The span contains two sections which are the dampening end with a larger helix and the gripping end with a smaller helix. This ensures a firm hold on the cable while being effective in a wide frequency range.

  3. 3.Effective pressure distribution: There is no clamping pressure concentration in any single spot which would have been damaging to guy cables.

  4. 4.Helical section: The helical section of the plastic rods helps to create a dampening form of protection thereby, making for an effective power line guard.

  5. 5.It creates an effective reduction of vibrations that smaller cables are prone to.

  6. 6.Easy to install on dead ends


The spiral vibration damper can be used as power line guards on overhead cables which include; ADSS cables, bare conductors, and OPGW cables.


In conclusion, a spiral vibration damper will effectively elongate the lifespan of your cables by providing protection from the harmful vibration of lateral winds. If you need vibration dampers are made, you can consult us. We, Henvcon, are a professional manufacturer of prefabricated cable accessories, wire accessories and line accessories with over 7 years. We always take special care in production which puts us at an advantage. For a long-lasting choice, Henvcon offers high-quality products to protect gold tools and fiber optic cables at a very competitive price.  

Reasons for Utilizations of Spiral Vibration Damper
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