Step outside your home, and you will see countless poles carrying intricate electric wiring throughout your neighborhood. But how do these mega structures remain anchored even when exposed to high winds, weight, and earthquakes. 

The answer: guy grip dead end


In the 1940s, these helically formed wire designs were first introduced, which later led to the formation of the popular guy grip dead-ends. They are now considered an industry standard and are used to anchor millions of utility poles all across the globe, including the Philippines. 



Why Need Guy Grip Dead End in the Philippines?

Guy grip wires are considered an essential part of all electrical and communications transmission systems, helping secure guy wires to their anchors. They basically ensure that the current flows freely through the wire while keeping the wire safe from damage. They play a crucial role in keeping electric networks safe and reliable for use. 


How so? When a cable is connected to a conductor, the force of the current passing through can actually damage the conductor over time leading to deformation. This deformation can further damage the connecting cable reducing the reliability of your entire electric network. A guy grip helps reduce the force of the current passing through and reduces wear and tear on the cables boosting their life expectancy and reliability. 


In a country like the Philippines, where access to electricity has always been an issue, we can see the need for guy grip dead-ends. Power surges and voltage spikes, outages due to typhoons, and heavy rain are all so common. But with properly installed guy grip dead ends, reliability and structural integrity of power lines can be improved significantly. 



What Benefits Does a Guy Grip Dead End Bring?

Guy grip dead ends have been used for years for electric poles/ towers and transmission lines. They are used to keep cables in transmission lines taught and fastened. Guy grips provide many benefits due to which they are used extensively in transmission lines, especially in the Philippines. 


For one, they can extend the life of conductors used in electric works. They provide much more durability against the wind, self-load, or any external loads making them last longer. They keep the wire intact in place by providing high grip strength and tension so the pole or tower stays anchored. 


Moreover, a guy grip dead end is usually manufactured using quality materials that are corrosion resistant. They are essentially built to withstand all types of external environmental conditions, including heavy rains, strong winds, dust, sunlight, etc. 


How Do You Choose the Best Guy Grip Dead End?

The guy grip dead end you choose for your transmission lines, and electric poles are incredibly important. You should be able to select good products with high security and strength. You should consider several factors when choosing a guy grip dead end. 


For starters, you want to make sure the guy wire you purchase can hold the application load for which it is being used. Look for the yield, breaking, and strong points and the number of wires in each strand of the guy grip. You can get single-wire, three-wired, or even higher wires in a cable. Here the size and length of your guy wire should also be considered; both should fit your application appropriately. 


Next, consider the guy wire's elasticity. The guy wire should be able to withstand twist and pull forces acting on it from all ends, such as the wind. It shouldn't be too elastic or too stiff so as to prevent snapping. 


Finally, consider the material design and final coating used on your guy wire. The coating used should be able to prevent rusting and corrosion and damage over time. Some zinc-aluminum-based coatings can be pretty good at preventing corrosion. 




Henvcon Guy Grip Dead End

If you are looking for a reliable preformed guy grip dead end for your electrical applications, consider Henvcon conductor guy grip dead end. 


Henvcon's guy grip provides the necessary stress distribution and tensile strength needed to extend the conductor's life and improve the anchorage of the structures. Henvcon's grip strength alone is not less than 95% CUTS, so you can expect them to handle heavy loads. The guy grip is also built using effective corrosion-resistant materials, so you can expect them to withstand external environmental conditions.  


That's not all. They are quite easy to install and work with, without the need for any dedicated tools or equipment (However, it is always recommended that you hire a professional to install a preformed guy grip). 


About Henvcon

Henvcon, established in 2012, is one of the leading suppliers of OPGW and ADSS cable preformed fittings. We supply our clients with high-quality power cable and wire accessories used in a wide range of applications, including power and telecommunication systems, railway signals, towers, antennas, etc. 


Henvcon is known for its quality products, competitive pricing, and highly reliable customer service. Visit the Henvcon website today for more information on the products!



How Does Guy Grip Dead End Benefit the Philippines?
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