Speaking of factory inspection, everyone's first reaction must be a big fight, a group of people in cars carrying briefcases and all kinds of equipment from far away to carry out a long and laborious inspection work. But that has been the traditional factory inspection way, today I want to show you our HENVCON efficient and reliable factory inspection.


As a Chinese saying goes, "Forethought makes failure." This sentence is really everlasting famous saying, do not fight unprepared for the battle, before doing everything we should have a full grasp, in order to be confident, calm, play their own level, in this point, HENVCON did do, and do very well.


Our colleagues in the International Department of HENVCON have made concerted efforts to complete the factory inspection data report one week before the factory inspection. In order to provide more considerate service to our foreign customers, we have translated all the contents comprehensively, including the charts, and read each other to check whether the contents are accurate and smooth after the translation. One week before the factory inspection, the relevant person in charge of our company has been modulating the equipment in the conference room, repeatedly checking whether the equipment is perfect and whether the use is barrier-free.


Germany Pfisterer Holding AG (German headquarters) is a professional cable equipment company, its visibility is renowned around the world, Germany is famous for its rigor, the company with zero mistakes as the main characteristics of the company, give a person with 100% rest assured, we have such a big customer is also very honored, no doubt to add luster to their own. Therefore, we treat every cooperation with a rigorous and responsible attitude, and win the trust.


This factory inspection we invited HENVCON technical director, quality director, marketing director and foreign trade specialist to contact with the other factory inspection personnel, after the warm and friendly greetings and introduction, we officially entered the factory inspection link. Video interview with customers with pre-modulated equipment showed our workshop environment, production process, laboratory, office area and production equipment. Jason, the manager of our foreign trade Department, guided the customers to visit and introduced them at the same time, so that our customers could have a comprehensive understanding of HENVCON. We are also very happy to let our customers really walk into HENVCON.


German Pfisterer Holding AG factory inspection
Hora :2022-11-24

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