On October 19, 2021, accompanied by the General Manager of our company, Mr. Qiao, the review group of Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co., Ltd conducted an on-site audit of our factory. With great importance attached to it, we arranged the reception area in advance.




Having introduced the process, purpose and points for attention of the review as well as the basic situation of Henvcon, the two parties visited our production workshop with the accompany of directors of Technical, R&D, Business and other departments. While visiting, the audit group had a clear knowledge of every link such as production process and test standards and also carried out a tensile strength test on the spot, expressing affirmation to our products and services.



At the workshop of hardware



At the workshop of preformed rods












Tensile strength test in the laboratory







In the room of moulds




At the casting workshop




With mobile phone, Mr. Qiao showed the audit group the new machines that would be introduced into our factory not long after.



After the on-site visit, the Fiberhome team checked relevant quality system documents in the meeting room in order to know about in depth the production, inspection and system administration capacity of our company. Besides, they asked the directors of each department about the situation of the process management and control and received correspondent responses from our part. The whole communication course was with much harmony.





At about 5 pm, the review group finished their task and felt quite satisfied with our company in general, resulting in an intention for bilateral integral cooperation.

Henvcon is always ready to welcome the on-site review of domestic and international clients, that is, our development motivation. With each successful audit, we are demonstrating to them our comprehensive strength in terms of production capacity, manufacturing equipment, production efficiency and quality of products, which not only strengthens our brand image, but also constitutes a real evidence that our company is able to finish the order with high quality and accurate amount.


Factory Visit and Audit by “Fiberhome” for New Supplier
Hora :2021-10-26

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