Today electricity has become a vital need for our survival. We need electricity in every activity, and we can’t imagine our lives without electricity. With the increase in demand for power, electric suppliers install more and more power transmission lines. These transmission lines create many environmental concerns; one such concern is the mortality of birds. During their flight, birds collide with the power lines, and they are instantly killed. These mortalities can be minimized with the application of bird flight diverters. This article is all about bird flight diverters and how they can reduce bird mortality? So, let’s get started. 

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What are bird flight diverters?

Bird flight diverter, as the name suggests, is a tool to divert the flight path of the birds. They are designed in such a way as to make the overhead transmission lines visible to the flying bird so that the bird can divert its flight path, thus avoiding its collision with the wire. Bird diverters are an economical way of reducing the hazard to both the birds and the wires.  


Different types of bird flight diverters

Bird flight diverters are divided into many types and categories. Spiral PVC rolls around ground wires at regularly spaced intervals are considered the most common type of bird flight diverter. They are categorized based on the type of material used, design, and application. And there are various types of bird flight diverters, such as yellow spiral, orange spiral, and flapper. 


Why are bird flight diverters needed? 

Bird mortality due to transmission lines accidents is an alarming situation. As per an estimate, over 57 million birds are killed each year in the United States. Bird collision is a common problem, which is reported across the globe. During the last 35 years, bird mortality caused by overhead electrical transmission and distribution lines has increased concern for both conservationists and environmental management authorities. 


Hence the need for bird flight diverters is very easy to understand. It is our prime responsibility to provide a safe environment for avian species, which are prone to electrocution and collision with the wires. With the help of bird diverters, the overhead wires are made visible to the birds, thereby reducing bird mortality. 

The efficacy of bird flight diverter in reducing bird mortality due to collision with transmission power lines

Bird flight divers were developed to improve power line visibility and reduce the risk of bird collision. Experiments have proved that bird flight diverters can effectively reduce the mortality of birds caused by collisions with transmission lines. Henvcon bird flight diverter is highly reflective and can effectively prevent birds from hitting transmission power lines, thereby greatly reducing the probability of bird death.


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Henvcon bird flight diverter 

As an energy supplier, it is your ethical responsibility to provide a safe environment for avian species. If you are interested in buying bird flight diverters, you should consider Henvcon your number one choice. Our bird flight diverters are trusted by thousands of customers from all around the world. You can expect the following advantages from our bird diverters on power lines:


  1. It can be easily installed by hands
  2. Lightweight and minimal wind resistance
  3. Highly reflective, making them easily spotted from a long distance
  4. High strength material 
  5. Long service life 
  6. Positive grip  
  7. Designed to save the birds as well as the wire 
  8. Bird flight diverters also reduce operational cost

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Why Henvcon? 

Henvcon is a pioneer in manufacturing power cables and other wire accessories, such as railway fittings, PVC products, helical accessories, etc. Henvcon produces premium quality products that meet the highest standards. We have years of successful customer relationships. We will avail our premium quality products and help fulfill your responsibility of saving avian species. Contact us and place your order for bird diverters today. 



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