Preformed armor rods are used to protect conductors or strands from wear and tear, bending, shaking, compression, abrasion, or any other form of damage. They also provide them restorative repair, making them a decent investment. The primary use of armor rods in transmission lines and cables is because they not only prevent the cable from any physical damages but are also used to repair aluminum-based conductors. The armor rod does so by helping restore the mechanical strength and conductivity – essential crucial factors for any conductor cable. Meanwhile, it makes preformed armor rods a must-have as protection for spans greater than 300 feet (91 meters).


Applications and Functions of Preformed Armor Rods

The preformed armor rod has several applications in the electronics and electrical industries, alongside the telecommunication sector and different areas of architecture and construction. With the ends of the rods refaced through abrasion, their purpose is to protect conductors from various wear-down factors, such as compression and bending. At the same time, their main application is to protect transmission lines and cables against natural elements and deterioration.

Besides, another application is the restorative repair of conductors and reinstating their conductivity and strength. As made of aluminum alloy or copper-clad steel, the armor rod is designed to be used with ACSR, AAC, AAAC, ACSS, SSAC, TW, ACAR, and other conductors.  


Features of Preformed Armor Rods

The preformed armor rod offers several key features that prove its advantages in the application. Some of these have been entailed below:

1. Color Coding

The preformed armor rods are available in various colors like yellow, green, or black. In other words, each preformed armor rod is color-coded to its respective color, allowing for alleviation during installation, such as the alignment of the rods.

2. Damage Repair

As mentioned earlier, if an aluminum conductor or ACSR has gained less than 50% damage on the outer, exterior strands, the preformed armor rod can assist in restoring the rated conductance and strength to a hundred percent.

3. Protection against Vibration

Besides natural elements and deterioration, the preformed armor rods also protect from the effects of vibration. Moreover, they will help the conductor cable withstand the resulting fatigue forces caused by Aeolian-type vibration.

4. Tapped Over

The preformed armor rod may be tapped over certain aluminum conductors such as ACSR. Nonetheless, it is fundamental to consider that if they are tapped, the conductor is thoroughly brushed beforehand and given an application of an oxide inhibitor.

5. Easy installation

The armour rod in transmission line is easy to install without requiring any technical skills or experience. These rods can be installed straightforwardly by a single human individual. Likewise, it does not need any particular set of tools to make it happen – your standard toolset will be sufficient.

Regardless of that, here we will explain each step of installing the preformed armor rod for the sake of your ease and assistance. So, let's get started.


How to Install Preformed Armor Rods?

As stated, installation of the preformed armor rod is no big hassle or complicated task. Given that, the following steps will explain how to get it done. Before getting started, be sure to read the documentation that you may receive with your armor rod purchase.

1. Indicate a small mark of identification on the conductor, from where the installation of the armor rod will begin. It will be of significant assistance later on when the armor rods are being installed.

2. Take an armor rod and check it for its color-coded mark. Remember, this mark aims to align fittings with the external layer of the predefined conductor.

3. Now the armor rod is rotated around the conductor in the form of a coil. Note that the grip distance should remain from 1 to 1.5.

4. Rehash the process to install the remainder of the preformed armor rods.

5. Depending on the direction of the spiral of the rods, wrap them all together at the end. Eventually, the installation is now finished.

Henvcon Preformed Armor Rods

Although it is good to realize that the market has big competition for manufacturers of preformed armor rods, the best that stands out in the market with its cost-effective and top-notch products is Henvcon that offers copper-clad steel preformed armor rods. With the minimized loss, excellent corrosion resistance, and simple installation, these armor rods protect strands or conductors against compression, bending, arc-over damage, and abrasion and offer restorative repair.

Final Words

Established in 2012, Henvcon remains a leading manufacturer/supplier of power cable and wire accessories in telecommunications, electric power, railroad, and different fields. Equipped with the latest production and customer service technologies, we offer competitive valuing, prompt services, and many high-quality products, including preformed fittings and armor rods, to several countries worldwide. Thus, if you have decided or made up your mind to make a purchase, then visit our website immediately or feel free to contact us in the case of any questions or queries.

An Ultimate Guide to Know about Preformed Armor Rods
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