A U clamp, also known as a U bolt, is a curbed bolt in the shape of the letter "U" that features threaded ends. These threaded ends are to be used with screws and washers. Their U-shape makes them perfect for securing pipes or tubes to any surface.


This simple yet practical design can be incorporated into several structural designs. You'll also find plenty of variations of the U clamp; some are squared, some are round, and some are semi-round. But what purpose do U clamps serve, and how important are they? Here is a rundown of all you need to know.



Why Is the Purpose of a U Clamp?

The most common reasons why you would need a U Clamp is because it:


lProvides Support

A U Clamp has a unique U-shape which allows it to restrain pipes and tubes in place. They are also used to support certain appliances such as electrical cross arms and hold them in place. The U bolt, in this case, will prevent movement in all three dimensions or keep the elements from sliding or bouncing. The main purpose of anchoring parts of your structure through U clamps this way is to provide stability to the overall design.

lProvides Connection

U clamps also help facilitate connections between certain parts of the structural design. For instance, they can be used on electric power lines or pile lines if you want to attach something adjacent to them. You can also use them to attach cabling or rods to your walls.


Another common application is as a concrete fastener. The U bolt is pushed into the concrete with the U-shape inside the concrete. The opposing threaded ends can then be used to bolt objects to the concrete.


Applications of a U Clamp

To better understand how U clamps work, let us look at some common applications:


1. Wire Cable

U clamps are popularly used to secure wire cables or to serve as an anchor for these wire cables, so they don't move around after installation. They are also used to secure the loose ends of a wire cable. Most wire rope assemblies will require two or more wire rope U bolts to hold them in place.

2. Automotive Leaf Spring

Leaf springs are arc-shaped, slender pieces of metal attached to a vehicle's rear axle and chassis. Its function is to prevent the vehicle axle from collapsing under pressure or extreme weight. U bolts are used to hold these leaf springs in place. If not secured properly, the leaf spring may suffer from premature failure.

3. Piping Support

Finally, U bolts are widely used for securing piping and tubing. Their U-shape allows them to easily fit around the curvature of the pipe and provide lateral restraint where needed. In this way, your piping won't move around unnecessarily, so your system is less likely to get damaged.



Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying a U Clamp

How can you find the right U clamp for your project? Keep the following factors in mind:



The dimensions should be the first thing you consider. Measure the external diameter of the object you need to secure. For instance, if you need to secure piping, make sure the internal diameter of the U bolt will be sufficient to secure it.


The standard material used for U bolts is stainless steel, owing to its durability and resistance. However, you'll also find several grades of stainless steel, varying in their strength, weldability, and corrosion resistance. Choose the material according to the environment the U bolt will be exposed to.

lTensile Strength

The tensile strength of the U bolt gives you an idea of the maximum load the U bolt can support without breaking or fracturing. Again, this depends on the type of application you are using your U bolt for. Usually, steel grades 5 to 8 are recommended since they have much higher yield strengths.


The thickness of the U bolt or the internal diameter of the bolt's legs. If you choose too thick U bolts, they may add unnecessary additional weight to your structure; too thin bolts won’t offer the support you need.


Finally, consider the shape and design of your U bolt clamp. A round U bolt, for instance, is better suited for holding pipes and cabling. On the other hand, a square U bolt is used to fix items to box section structures or for securing rectangular items.



Henvcon: Name to Trust for Quality U Clamps

Keeping the above information in mind, you are better equipped to find the right U clamp for your project. If you are unsure where to start, source your U clamps from Henvcon. Henvcon is one of the trusted suppliers of steel U bolts, along with a variety of other wiring and cabling accessories. For more information on our U clamps, visit our website!

A Complete Guide to U Clamp: Definition, Application, and Selection
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