In order to get protected from electric shocks, earthing is required. Earth wire provides an escape path for the fault current to travel off to the ground. There are many proven benefits of earthing or grounding. Some of the benefits include stress-free sleep at night, no fear of electric shocks, immediate discharge of excessive electricity, thus keeping you safe from electrocution hazards. Apart from the regular conductor that provides the path for the current to flow to the ground, there are other accessories as well. One such essential accessory is the ground wire clamp. This article will discuss ground wire clamp in detail, and it will summarize five things to pay attention to when using the earth wire clamp


Before going further, let me tell you a brief definition and purpose of ground wire clamp. As the name clamp implies, this device is a fitting device used to strengthen or hold the ground wire in an electric assembly. The main ground wire clamp assembly consists of three essential components: clamp head, fork frame, and bolt. There are different types of ground wire clamps depending upon the type of grounding wire. Some common types include ground wire clamp for bare wire, earth cable clamp for rigid conduit, direct burial ground clamp, lay-in lug style combination ground clamp, and ground clamp for armored wire. 


Usage of ground wire clamp:

The primary use of ground wire clamp is used to fit or hold the ground wire. The ground clamp ensures that the earthing wire remains fixed in place so that it won't slip out. Hence earth wire clamp is an essential component in Earthing. Ground wire clamps are versatile in applications; they can be used even for high amperage grounding applications. 


Characteristics of ground wire clamp: 

Ground wire clamp is made up of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel and Galvanized Steel Wire. The ground wire clamp is also very light in weight, but due to its durability and high strength, it can be easily used for heavy-duty tasks. The ground wire is made up of hot-dip galvanized steel, making it highly resistive against any corrosion and rusting. The ground wire is rugged and reliable in design, making it suitable for every condition and place.



Five things to pay attention to when using a ground wire clamp


1.Size of the ground wire clamp

The right type of ground wire clamp is significant. Based on the diameter of the conductor or cable, the correct type of ground wire clamp is selected. There is a chart on our website. You can use the chart as a reference to select the right size of earth wire clamp for your application.


2.Quality of ground wire clamp

Quality is an essential consideration upon selecting an earth cable clamp. Quality should never be compromised. You should choose the premium quality of ground wire clamp, which will work efficiently for a prolonged period without affecting the performance.


3.Ease of installation

Upon buying an earth cable clamp, you should select one that is easy to install. Ground wire clamp requires no sophisticated tools for its installation. But during the installation, you should consult an experienced electrician to keep yourself safe from electric shocks. 


4.Strength and durability of the material

Ground wire clamp is to withstand loads and stresses, so the material used in its production should have the required strength and durability. The material should be resistant to corrosion and bending. 


5.Firm and strong grip

A firm and strong grip is required to hold the ground wire in place. You should tighten the screws/bolts so that it remains fixed in its place without slippage. 

Ground wire clamp is a handy tool to protect your house or facility against any electrocution hazards. So you should buy this tool and keep your house more secure. 



Why Henvcon?

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5 Things to Pay Attention to When Using a Ground Wire Clamp
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