When you need to connect some accessories to any pole or tower, you need round pole clamps. The fixing used for the purpose of the connection is known as an immobility clamp. These clamps are divided into different categories. The primary division of immobility clamps is the immobility clamp for the pole and the immobility clamp for the tower. The immobility clamps used for the tower use a metal clamp, while the immobility clamp used for poles uses a hoop. 


To fit accessories on the tower, we use two types of clamps: straight clamp (used on the tangent tower) and tension clamp (used for angle tower or terminal tower to provide suspension point for ADSS cable). On the other hand, if we have to connect any accessory to a pole, we use hoops. Hoops are used to fixing helical dead-end and helical suspension set on the pole to provide suspension point on ADSS cable.  


Characteristics of Round pole clamps

The round pole clamps are made up of galvanized steel specifically designed to be durable and stable. Galvanized steel is a solid material that is also very resistant to rust, corrosion, and shocks. Round pole clamps are extensively used for fitting purposes. They offer numerous benefits, but this article will summarize the top 5 benefits. 


1.High strength

The round pole clamps are very durable. Being made up of hot-dip galvanized steel, it is very stable, and it can hold heavy accessories easily. It can also withstand substantial shocks. 


2.Strong grip

Round pole cable has a firm grip that can quickly fix accessories on to pole or tower. There is no risk of slippage due to the tight grip or handle of the round pole clamps. 


3.High resistance 

The round pole clamps are made up of galvanized steel, which is very resistant to rusting and corrosion. Hence with this high level of resistance, it is fit for every location and every climatic condition. 


4.Simple and easy installation

Fixing a cable immobility clamp is very simple and straightforward. It doesn’t require any sophisticated tool and expertise. It can be easily installed in a short time. 


5.Versatility of applications

The round pole clamps are designed to meet your needs. It comes in different shapes and sizes. The size of the clamp can easily be adjusted by turning the screws. 


Along with these benefits, round pole clamps can yield many other benefits, such as superior performance, longer life span, high efficiency, less requirement for care and maintenance, etc. 


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5 Advantages You Need to Know About Round Pole Clamps
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