Guangdong Henvcon Power Technology Co.,Ltd.


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Address: No 20 Technology Road Qiaotou Town Dongguan City Guangdong Province China.

Guangdong Henvcon Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for preformed electricity cable fittings, wire fittings, and line fittings. The company operates in the fields of electric power, telecommunication, railways more than 7 years and has accumulated immense experience in various projects. 

Taking the advantages of the modern scientific management in both production and customer services, Henvcon was able to perform wholesale tasks on time even the orders were huge. With its competitive pricing and prompt services, it has achieved remarkable results in the industry as well as helping its clients to accomplish their own projects efficiently and effectively. 

Henvcon is looking forward to exploring the future in a win-win situation with everyone involved.