Why Choose Henvcon Wholesale Bird Flight Diverters?
As a leader in the industry, Henvcon's bird flight diverters are popular with users. Why does Henvcon stand out from its competitors? Let's take a look at the advantages of Henvcon.


Why You Should Choose Henvcon as the Best Bird Diverter Supplier

Bird diverter aims to provide an economical way to reduce the harm to lines and birds. Bird deaths caused by overhead transmission and distribution lines have been a growing concern of environmentalists and environmental authorities. At the same time, due to economic development and power demand, the number of global power lines is also growing. The safety of cables and birds is becoming more and more important, and bird flight bird diverters have also received more and more attention. How to choose the bird diverter supplier with the highest cost performance? Henvcon is a good choice that cannot be missed.


As a leading supplier of power cables and power limiting accessories, Henvcon was established in 2012 and has nearly 10 years of business experience in the fields of power, telecommunications, railways, etc. Our products are sold all over the world and have been affirmed and supported by a large number of users.


We offer our customers high-quality bird flight diverters at the best prices. We help customers choose the correct specifications and models and provide customers with the most detailed and thoughtful explanations. In addition, you are welcome to attend our factory to better understand our production environment and products.

Perfect After-sales Service

A reliable firefly bird diverter supplier will provide perfect after-sales service to help you solve any after-sales problems. Henvcon promptly responds to customer messages and emails. When necessary, we will appoint technical service personnel within 24 hours or entrust local sellers or agents to help customers solve after-sales problems. In addition, Henvcon provides a 12-month quality guarantee on the products to ensure maximum customer benefit. In the process of installation and use, Henvcon can also send professional technicians to assist in the installation, which greatly facilitates the installation work of customers, especially for users who are not familiar with installation steps.

Know About Henvcon Bird Diverters

Our firefly bird diverter has low wind resistance and can be easily installed manually. Adhering to the principle of quality first, we use high-quality raw materials to produce bird converters, with mounting clips constructed of high-quality UV-stabilized, glass-reinforced, and weather-resistant polymers, which have a long service life. The Henvcon bird diverter is made of rigid high, impact polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which has excellent chemical resistance and strength properties, maintaining good physical properties at extreme temperatures. In addition, the Henvcon bird diverter can effectively cope with harsh environments without seriously degrading its performance, even when installed in environments with heavy industrial fumes and saltwater.


Henvcon has world-class certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, GB/T19001-2016, CNAS, and CEPRI. Thus we are trusted by many companies around the world. Please contact us to know more information about our bird flight diverters.

Excellent production capacity

A customer with insufficient production capacity can easily lead to the problem of delayed product delivery. Henvcon has a technical support team of 15 experienced engineers, and the annual production capacity of the total OPGW and ADSS is about 500,000 km. Besides, Henvcon has a workshop area of 25,000 square meters and can produce and ship about 1,000,000 prefabricated parts (OPGW and ADS) per year. With modern scientific management, Henvcon can ensure that the wholesale tasks are completed on time, even in the case of large orders. In addition, Henvcon can arrange special production priorities for customers if they need to fulfill an order urgently. Henvcon always puts the needs of our customers first.