What Is A Guy Grip?

Guy Grip: The Full Guide

Guy grip is used for guying of poles in the construction of power cable. Once installed in place, under normal conditions, guy grip holds its grip regardless of the condition of the conductor to which it is attached, relaxed or in tension.

Why You Need a Guy Grip

Guy grip dead end for OPGW is mainly designed for the corner towers, the middle tower and Terminal Tower successive connections. Screw Clamp materials, is primarily for aluminum clad steel wire, with a very strong resistance to tensile strength, protection and support of fiber optic cable to play the role of damping. Clamp grip cable rated tensile strength of not less than 95%, fully meet the installation of mechanical properties of the power cable. Chang Chin-resistant fiber optic cable package includes: outer preformed wire, twisted wire, inner pre-connect fittings and so on.

1.Various Choices

Contact with the professional guy grip provider Henvcon, you are able to get different sizes, designs, and options, depending on the your application requirements.

2.Competitive Price

Price 0.25-3 USD

3.Excellent Design

 Guy Grip HS Code 85389000


1.Preformed guy grip is a kind of Wire Fittings with premium fatigue resistance, simple structure, easy installation, few extra equipment. With a guy grip you can significantly reduce construction costs.

2.Helical-shaped legs insure low distribution of holding stresses, prevent premature fatigue breakage and add stability to the telecommunication or electric cables.

3.The clamp distributes the stress evenly, improving the ability of protecting the conductor free from shock and damage.

Safety Considerations

1.Guy grip dead end could also be removed and reapplied twice after initial installation to retension guy strands. Please note that after 3 months of installation, the dead-end should be removed and replaced with a new one.
2.Guy grip dead end should be used on hardware that's held during a fixed position; the fitting shouldn't be allowed to rotate or spin.
3.Lay direction of both the Dead-ends and therefore the strand should be the same. Unless otherwise specified, all guy strand is left-hand lay.
4.Guy grip dead end is a precision device. To insure proper performance, it ought to be stored in cartons under cover and handled carefully.


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